Former Members of the NanoHAC Group

Former members of the group have ended up scattered far and wide. The last known locations of some of group alumni are shown in the table below.

Some of them are also shown in the picture; Top row: Ruth, Sabina, Urosh, Steven, Boris, Jay; Bottom row: Mike, Raquel, (Milo), Ben

  NanoHac alumni

NameLast known location
Krzysztof Koziol Cranfield University
Sameer Rakahteer National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
Ben Cottam Houses of Parliament
Boris Thomas Shell, Belgium
Mike Tran Invista, USA
Ruth Pearce Linkoping University, Sweden
Jay Julasak SCG, Thailand
Urosh Vukicevic BP, UK
Sabina Chyla (Ziemian) Lucite Int, UK
Laleh Safinia Frost & Sullivan, UK
Raquel Verdejo Institute of Polymer Science and Technology, Spain
Kingsley Ho Cytec UK
Johann Cho Samsung-Corning Precision Glass, Korea
Katherine Brandi Price (Hoelscher) M-I SWACO, (A Schlumberger Company), USA
Richard Winchester  
Katherine Orchard Nanoco Ltd, UK
Almudena Celaya Sanfiz IAV GmbH (Ingenierugesellschaft Auto Und Verkehr), Berlin
Sian Fogden Cambridge University
Shane Bergin Trinity College Dublin
Robert Menzel Leeds University
Stephen Hodge Cambridge University
Mustafa Bayazit UCL
Emanuela Liberti University of Oxford
Hui (Sherry) Qian HKUST
Takuya Morishita Toyota Motor
Neil Brown University of Reading
Ainara Garcia Gallastegui Bio Nano Consulting
Jonathan Harris  
Edward R White  
Hannah Leese Manchester University
Rob Woodward Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College
Adam Clancy UCL
Jing Jing Jia Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
François De Luca National Physical Laboratory
Aaron Thong   
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