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CDT Festival of Science 2017


Woman making clouds of bubbles at festival of science

This year's theme was Science and Art. Shengyang Chen, PE-CDT Cohort 7, was on the organising committee - here's his take on this year's Festival.

It's my honour to work with talented and creative members from all other CDTs

– Shengyang Chen

Organising Committee, CDT Festival of Science

The focus of this festival is not simply blending art and science, but exploiting the similarities of the methodologies when artists and scientists are doing their jobs. Out of this purpose, on one hand, we invited guest speakers from both sides and on the other hand, arranging demonstrations and object displays - half scientific topics half artistic topics. It turned out quite well; we received positive feedback during the reception. Some PhD students said they are impressed by the way how an artist creates stuff and how they think, which is such an inspiration for conducting scientific work.

CDT students taking part in the Festival of Science 2017, in lecture theatre


For me, as the representative from Centre for Plastic Electronics (CPE), it was my honour to teamwork with talented and creative members from all other CDTs. And we are happy we could offer the platform for bridging the art and science and bonding the artists and scientists.

Festival of Science participants taking part in arts activity

Thanks everyone who participated in CDT Festival of Science!

Students taking part in activities session at CDT Festival of Science 2017



Shengyang Chen

Shengyang Chen
Department of Materials


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