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Podcast: Reporting on climate change, underfloor robots and the latest Fringe

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In this edition: We discover Imperial's involvement in the IPCC, meet underfloor robots and explore the Imperial universe at the latest Fringe.

The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial's MSc Science Communication course and the presenter of Click Radio on the BBC World Service, with contributions from our roving reporters in the Research Communications group.

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News: The scale of childhood obesity, the magic of mushrooms and treating trench foot – We discuss a huge study revealing a tenfold increase in child and adolescent obesity worldwide, a small trial using magic mushrooms to treat depression and finally uncovering the causes of trench foot.

Imperial at the IPCC – We talk to Professor Jim Skea, an Imperial academic who co-chairs one of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Working Groups, about how his two worlds overlap.

Robots under the floorboards – We visit the factory where Q-bots are being built – helpful robots that get into crevices under floorboards and spray insulation, making old homes more energy efficient.

A tour around the Imperial universe – Fringe season is back! We commemorate the demise of Cassini with Imperial researchers investigating all things space.


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Hayley Dunning
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Gareth Mitchell

Gareth Mitchell
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