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Matthew Streeter's paper highlighted in Phys. Rev. of Accelerators and Beams


Inverse Compton scattering geometry

Matthew Streeter's recent paper has been highlighted in Physical Review of Accelerators and Beams.

The paper, titled "Compton recoil effects in staging of laser wakefield acceleration" was the editors' suggestion in July's edition of the journal.

High energy laser-plasma accelerators require mirrors to remove the undepleted laser energy. Near the surface of the mirror the accelerated electron beam can interact with the reflected light resulting in Inverse Compton scattering. This effect can degrade the quality of the electron beam.

Matt's paper introduces an analytical expression for calculating this effect and uses it to estimate the minimum distance between the end of the accelerator and the mirror to meet a given energy spread requirement.

The full paper can be found here:

Compton recoil effects in staging of laser wakefield accelerators

M. J. V. Streeter and Z. NajmudinPhys. Rev. Accel. Beams 23, 071602 – Published 14 July 2020


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