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Feel more prepared for a video interview by using Shortlist.Me to practice.

In a recent survey of Imperial students, we found that 82% of respondents felt unprepared for video interviews and as a result of the pandemic a large number of employers (around 70%) now use video interviews as part of their application process. In response to this we have adapted our interview resources and invested in the Shortlist.Me platform.

All students and recent graduates can now use Shortlist.Me to access a library of interview questions, record your answers and use the feedback tool to reflect on your performance to help you improve. Interviews can be nerve wracking at the best of times so why not make use of this practice resource to build your confidence!

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Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for our Career Essentials – Interviews seminars that are available to book via JobsLive throughout the academic year. During these sessions you can find out what the interviewer is looking for in candidates, the types of questions you might encounter, how to prepare effectively and improve your interview skills further to help you secure that job.


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Sophie Hale
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