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Through Athena SWAN, NHLI aims to promote equality for all in the workplace by providing support, training and networking events

Athena Swan bronze award logoWe are working hard to ensure that NHLI provides a supportive and inclusive working environment, where we are committed to equality of opportunity and in which diversity is valued. We want all our staff and students to be treated with dignity and respect and to be able to work or study without being subjected to inappropriate/unacceptable behaviour or discrimination.

Reviewing and developing our procedures and activities is an ongoing process and we and use the Athena SWAN programme and action plan as a means of determining areas for concern, implementing actions and assessing their impact.

The Athena SWAN Charter and Awards enable organisations to demonstrate their commitment to, and progress on, equality and diversity by recognising advancement of gender equality, representation, progression and success for all. We currently hold an Athena SWAN bronze award and are committed to continuous improvement (for more information please see our Athena SWAN webpage).

Key facts:

  • 50% of our non-clinical professors are women. 
  • We have a mentoring scheme that is open to all staff and PhD students.
  • Each year we hold a Bring Your Child to Work Day to provide an opportunity for our children to find out where we work and what we do.
  • Researchers can apply for one of our Foundation Travel Awards to present at a conference or attend a scientific workshop. We also provide funds to cover caring costs whilst attending the meeting.
  • Every two years we hold a Career Development Day for our postdocs.
  • Our New Scientists Day enables new academic staff to meet other staff, present their research and build collaborations.

In the 2017 Staff Survey:

  • 90% of NHLI staff said they had positive relationships with the colleagues they work with.
  • 84% of NHLI staff indicated they were able to work flexibly to fulfil the duties of their role.
  • 87% of NHLI staff said they were proud to work for Imperial College.
  • 90% of NHLI staff confirmed they had had a Personal Review and Development Plan meeting with their line manager in the previous 12 months.