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Theme 1

Safer systems across the transition of care

The aim of this theme is to create safer systems for patients as they move along their care pathway.


Partnering with patients for safer care

The aim of this theme is to support more active, and safe, involvement of patients in their own care.


Avoiding deterioration in patients with complex needs

The aim of this theme is to identify deteriorating patients and ensure timely and appropriate clinical response.

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Theme 4

Enhancing the safety of medication and technology

The aim of this theme is to build on existing knowledge about medication error and create new evidence on the potential benefits and risks of technology.

Theme 5

Improving diagnostic accuracy and decision-making

The aim of this theme is to tackle the challenges related to diagnosis and decision making in primary care and in peri-operative situations.


Ensuring value for money in patient safety

The aim of this theme is to better understand the economic burden of avoidable harm and generate evidence on the cost-effectiveness of safety-related initiatives.