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Since our Centre was established we’ve been working towards one clear vision: the delivery of safer healthcare.

In 2017, our five-year funding was renewed for the third time by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and we became one of three NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research Centres in England. This marked the beginning of a refreshed research journey for us, offering the opportunity to build on our previous expertise in areas such as involving patients in their care and optimising how data is used.

Our work focuses around six major areas of research, or themes, spanning the breadth of patient care – from improving diagnostics to making medication safer. These address safety at both the patient level, for example finding ways to prevent health deterioration, and the systems level to make advances across the care continuum.

Read more about the work we’re doing across these themes on our website here, and watch our leaders talk about their research in the videos below.

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Centre manager Kelsey Flott introduces our Patient Safety Translational Research Centre.
Erik Mayer discusses his group's work that's partnering with patients for safer care.
Paul Aylin discusses his group's work that's aiming to avoid deterioration in patients with complex needs.

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Research lead Bryony Dean Franklin discusses her group's work that's enhancing the safety of medication technology.
Research lead Olga Kostopoulou discusses her group's work that's improving diagnostic accuracy and decision-making.
Researcher Alex Carter discusses his group's work that's working to ensure value for money in patient safety.