We are running a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) with the James Lind Alliance to prioritise research into safe care for adults with complex health needs. We define adults with complex health needs as those who have more than one illness/disease/condition/disability or those who need care in more than one setting. For example, these people might have both diabetes and depression and/or need care from some of these different services: primary care (e.g. GPs), secondary care (e.g. hospitals), community health services, mental health services, or social care (e.g. care at home or in a care/nursing home).

Have your say! Please complete our second survey by 12th November 2018.

We are asking you: patients, carers, healthcare staff and members of the public, to read a list of 48 questions for research and select the 10 questions that you think are the most important. You will then be asked to rank them in order of importance.

The 48 questions were identified by patients, carers, healthcare staff and members of the public across the UK, through our first survey during 2018. Thank you to everyone involved!

Next Steps

We will hold a workshop on 17th December 2018 with the results of this survey to agree the top 10 priorities for research in this space. The PSTRC will widely publicise the most highly ranked questions to encourage research funding bodies and researchers to address them. It will also do research to try and answer some of the questions itself.

Steering Group and PSP documents

The PSP is being led by a Steering Group made up of patients, carers, members of the public, healthcare professionals and people from organisations representing those groups. Please see the documents below for more details.

Contact details

Anna Lawrence-Jones, a.lawrence-jones@imperial.ac.uk020 7594 3149

If you have any questions or would like to request a paper version of the survey and a freepost envelope to be sent to you, please contact Anna.