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Nick Long holds the Sir Edward Frankland BP Endowed Chair in Inorganic Chemistry.

The Long Group have expertise in applied synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry.  Research interests focus on transition metal and lanthanide chemistry for the synthesis of functional molecules, homogeneous catalysis and in recent years, probe design and novel methodologies for biomedical imaging.

Nick has published over 200 papers, including several high impact review articles and textbooks - ''Metallocenes'' and 'The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging'   (

gifSee our findings of some beautiful ferrocene rings in Nature Chemistry.

He was awarded the 2006 RSC Prize in Organometallic Chemistry, was a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow 2009/10 and in 2011, became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was appointed to the Frankland Chair. In 2018, Nick was awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit grant. He is also Deputy Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging (King's/Imperial)

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Applications from prospective researchers are welcomed at the postgraduate and postdoctoral level - see the group web pages (link above) for further details about Nick, his research interests and group.

PhD studentships for 2020 entry will be available in 

(i) New Metallocene Ring Systems for Electronic and Magnetic Materials

(ii) Dual-Modality Probes for Imaging the Brain

(iii) New Catalysts for the Activation and Hydrogenation of N≡N to NH3

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hurtubise VL, McArdle JM, Naeem S, et al., 2014, Multimetallic Complexes and Functionalized Nanoparticles Based on Unsymmetrical Dithiocarbamate Ligands with Allyl and Propargyl Functionality, Inorganic Chemistry, Vol:53, ISSN:0020-1669, Pages:11740-11748

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