MAGPIE basics

MAGPIE consists of four 100kV Marx banks which store a total of 336 kJ, and generate an output voltage of 2.4 MV. Each Marx bank is connected to a 5 Ohm, 100 ns, water-filled transmission line and then to a trigatron switch. After the switches, the four lines join to a single, 1.25 Ohm water filled transfer line. This line is vertical and has a single transit time of 65 ns. At the top of the transfer line, the vacuum section is located. This consists of a conventional diode stack as the water-vacuum interface, a magnetically insulated transmission line and the experimental load.

MAGPIE is a relatively high impedence “stiff” generator. Load current does not depend significantly on load impedence and this allows many experimental configurations to be tested without reducing drive current levels significantly.

MAGPIE is highly versatile in terms of diagnostic access. We can field and test simultaneously new diagnostics to probe the conditions of the plasma with high spatial and temporal resolution.