Most of the College’s research can continue unhindered. Occasionally there are governance or policy compliance matters to consider before the research gets underway.

The questions for Governance and Risk Mitigation are designed to help the Principal Investigator and Head of Department (or their delegates) to identify and manage any matters which have the potential, real or perceived, to conflict with College Policies and Funder terms and conditions.

Departments should consider these questions while preparing the proposal, but the answers should NOT be completed until award acceptance stage. This is to save time and effort where proposals are unsuccessful.

As part of the award acceptance process, the PI will be asked by Faculty Research Services to complete a Research Award Acceptance - Governance Checklist to assist with completion of the Governance and Risk Mitigation questions and before the Head of Department (or their delegate) approves acceptance of the award. The checklist contains useful information and weblinks to all relevant policies. Once award acceptance approval is given by the Department, the award can be formally accepted by Faculty Research Services on behalf of Imperial College and set up on the finance system.

Where potential issues or further questions are identified, these should be discussed, assessed and managed accordingly by the relevant parties. Department, Faculty or College escalation routes should be followed where necessary.