Stem Cells at Lunch Seminar Series at King's College London
Stem Cells @ Lunch is a fortnightly lunchtime seminar series, hosted by the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine as a forum for early career scientists to discuss recent data and current topics in an informal setting. The program for 2018 is available on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @KCLstemcells
For more information about Stem Cells at lunch contact 
 Dr Davide Danovi & Dr Ines Sequeira.

Stem Cell Forum at The Francis Crick Institute 
The Stem Cell Forum at the Francis Crick Institute is a long-standing series of seminars run by Prof. Dominique Bonnet. We invite speakers from all fields of stem cell research and enjoy a wide variety of talks from researchers both in London and from further afield. The forum usually runs with two invited PhD students or Post Docs presenting short talks and one established PI presenting a full seminar. We finish the forum with networking over food and drinks kindly supplied by our sponsors. Email Prof. Bonnet if you would like to be added to the mailing list, or you would like to submit an abstract for a talk

London Stem Cell Network
The London Stem Cell Network (LSCN) is a newly established platform for all London research groups working in this area across all London Universities and Institutes. It is organised by representatives of the Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College, King’s College and University College London. LSCN’s mission is to serve as a networking platform for the London Stem Cell research community and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across the London Universities and Institutes. The inaugural seminar was held on the 26th February 2018 at the Francis Crick Institute. 

Meetings and conferences

2nd Annual London Stem Cell Network Symposium                                                          30th April, 2019              The Fancis Crick Institute, London

The 2nd Annual London Stem Cell Network symposium with Keynote Speaker David Scadden from Harvard Univeristy will be held on the 30th April 2019. The symposium will begin with the innagural London Stem Cell Network Flagship talk by one of our network leads, Saverio Tedesco from UCL. Invited speakers include Francesca Spagnoli, Luca Biasco, Paola Bonfanti and Molly Stevens. Further short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Limited posters will be selected for an extended poster viewing session, and the event will finish with an evening networking event, including prize giving, drinks and finger food.

Date: 30th April 2019, 9am to 6pm 
Place: Francis Crick Institute London
Abstract submission deadline: 1st March 2019
Registration: 19th April 2019

The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Regeneration & Tissue Repair                                        15 - 19TH SEPTEMBER 2018                Valetta, Malta

This EMBO workshop series has become the key international meeting for scientists investigating basic biological questions in regeneration and repair using a whole animal or organ "systems" approach. It brings together scientists with diverse expertise using various models, from invertebrates to mammals, who may not normally cross paths. Each meeting approaches regeneration from different angles.This workshop addresses the cellular, molecular, and genetic basis of regeneration focusing on the relationship between regeneration, aging, development, and new technical developments. It covers regeneration specific immune responses, cellular origins, and signalling supporting plasticity and regeneration, and reinforces the value of simpler systems to study regeneration and how they can be integrated to inform or enhance new mammalian models of regeneration. These topics highlight how a comparative perspective of different model organisms and thinking “outside the box” about regeneration can propel our understanding of the field, stimulate discussion and development of new perspectives among attendees, and foster new collaborations.The overall goal of this EMBO Workshop is to significantly advance our understanding of how regeneration is coordinated in a whole animal or organ system so that those who work in systems that do not regenerate may develop more effective therapeutic approaches to convert healing into regeneration.
Date: 15th September, 3:00 pm to 19 September, 1:15 pm
Place: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Great Siege Road Floriana, Valetta, FRN1810 Malta


Mouse Development, Stem Cells & Cancer                           June 6 - 28th 2018                           Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

This intensive lecture and laboratory course is designed for scientists interested in using mouse models to study mammalian development, stem cells and cancer. The lecture portion of the course, taught by leaders in the field, provides the conceptual basis for contemporary research in embryogenesis, organogenesis in development and disease, embryonic, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells and cancer biology. 

The laboratory and workshop portions of the course provides hands-on introduction to engineering of mouse models, stem cell technologies and tissue analyses. Experimental techniques include genome editing by CRISPR/Cas9, pronuclear microinjection, isolation and culture/manipulation of pre- and post-implantation embryos, embryo transfer, embryo electroporation and roller bottle culture, chimera generation, generation and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells as well as induced pluripotent stem cells and fibroblasts, vibratome and cryosectioning, in situ RNA hybridization, immunostaining, FACS sorting and analysis, vascular injections and casting, neural sterotaxic injections, skeletal preparation, organ explant culture and fluorescent imaging, including live time-lapse microscopy.

Experimental techniques include:

  • Genome editing by CRISPR/Cas9
  • Pronuclear microinjection
  • Isolation and culture/manipulation of pre- and post-implantation embryos
  • Embryo transfer
  • Embryo electroporation and roller bottle culture
  • Chimera generation
  • Generation and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells and fibroblasts
  • Vibratome and cryosectioning
  • In situ RNA hybridization, immunostaining
  • FACS sorting and analysis of hematopoietic stem cells
  • Skeletal preparation
  • Organ explant culture and fluorescent imaging including live time-lapse microscopy

Confirmed 2018 Speakers

  • Kathyrn Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute
  • Richard Behringer, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Blanche Capel, Duke University
  • Frédéric Charon, Montreal Clinical Research Institute
  • Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Brigid Hogan, Duke University School of Medicine
  • Diana Laird, University of California San Francisco Medical Center
  • Jesse Mager, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Francesca Mariani, University of Southern California
  • Andrew McMahon, University of Southern California
  • Olivier Pourquié, Harvard Medical School
  • Jason Rock, Boston University
  • Patrick Stover, Cornell University
  • Paul Trainor, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

For more information please visit the course website.