Academic group of experts

The interdisciplinary nature of Structural Integrity has allowed a group of experts at Imperial College to set up a network to develop research links. They can also be contacted directly for advice on research and collaboration.

List of academic experts at Imperial
SpecialityAcademic (email)
 Non-Destructive Evaluation (RCNDE)  Professor Peter Cawley 
 Director of Rolls Royce UTC  Professor Fionne Dunne
 Material Physics, UK Governement Chief Scientific Advisor  Professor Robin Grimes
 Materials Modelling/forming and micro structural mechanics  Professor Jianguo Lin
 Materials Testing and Modelling  Dr John Dear
 Thermal Barrier Coatings/materials Modelling  Dr Daniel Balint 
 Fracture Mechanics Modelling/High Temperature Testing  Dr Catrin Davies
 High Temperature Fracture and Life Assessment  Professor George Webster
 Testing and modelling/Polymers, adhesives and Composites  Professor Tony Kinloch
 Materials modellign/Polymers, and Composites  Professor Gordon Williams
 Head of Imperial Nuclera Engineering Group  Professor Bill Lee
 Computational nuclear Physics   Dr Matt Eaton 
 Head of Materials Science  Professor Neil Alford 
 Micromechanics Modelling of Superalloys  Dr David Dye
 Corrosion Testing and Modelling  Dr Mary Ryan
 Reactor Centre – Silwood Park   Dr Simon Franklyn 
 Head of Computational Mechanics (Aeronautics)  Professor Ferri Aliabadi
 Seismic  Assessment for Nuclear Facilities  Professor Julian Bommer 
 Water Reactor Thermal Hydraulics  Dr Simon Walker
 Modelling Radioactive Waste Disposal  Dr Adrian Butler
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