You should aim to submit your examination entry forms at least four months before you would like to submit your thesis, or four months before your final submission deadline. 

This means submitting your forms no later than 44 months after your start date if you are a full-time student, or 68 months after your start date if you are a part-time student. 

Please note that submission of your thesis is not permitted until you have completed the minimum registration period.

Before you submit the examination entry forms, you should ensure that you have completed all your milestones and that the Registry have received all relevant documentation.

Completing the Nomination of examiners and exam entry form [doc]

  • Complete Section I and forward this form to your supervisor(s). Please ensure the form is completed fully by referring to the guidelines at bottom of the form.
  • Your supervisor will then complete Section II, including nominating two examiners for your viva examination following the Procedure for appointment of examiners for research degrees [pdf]. Once your supervisor has completed Section II they should forward it to the Director of Postgraduate Studies for your Department for approval, and they will return it to us.
  • The examination entry has a life of 18 months, during which the thesis can be submitted for examination. After 18 months, the entry will be cancelled, and another entry form will need to be completed.