2019 Journal papers and conferences

  • Zhang, R., Mosca, L. and Whyte, J. (2019) Regional Innovation Systems and the Transformation of construction into a Manufacturing Process.  Proceeding of the 35th Annual ARCOM conference, 2-4 September 2019, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK
  • Zhou, A.S.J., Chen, L. and Whyte, J.K. (2019) Information Exchange in Platform Approaches to Design for Manufacture and Assembly, 36th CIB W78 2019 Conference ICT in Design, Construction and Management in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO), Newcastle, UK (under review)
  • Zhang, R., Zhou, A.S.J., Tahmasebi K, S., Whyte, J. (2019) Long-Standing Themes and New Developments in Offsite Construction: The Case of UK Housing, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Civil Engineering (accepted)
  • Soman, R. K., Molina-Solana, M. (2020). State of the art review of algorithms enabling automated generation of look-ahead-schedules in construction, Proceedings of Construction Research Congress, Arizona USA
  • Zhou, A.S.J., Chen, L. and Whyte, J. (2019). Manufacturing Information into Design: Information Exchange in a Platform Approach to Design for Manufacture and Assembly, 36th CIB W78 2019 Conference (Accepted after revision) http://cibw78.northumbria-eee.co.uk/
  • Babovic, F., Chen, L., Gamble, C., Genes, C., Fitzgerald, J., Pierce, K,. Punzo, G,. and Whyte, J.(2019) A decision-tree for modelling approaches to use a digital twin in analysing systems interdependencies in infrastructure projects, Annual Systems Engineering Conference 2019 (Full paper submitted) https://incoseonline.org.uk/ASEC2019/Default.aspx
  • Chen, L. and Whyte, J. Analysing Interdependencies of Complex Engineering Systems using Digital Twin-Driven Design Structure Matrix, ASCE CRC 2020 (Abstract accepted) https://crc2020.engineering.asu.edu/
  • Chen, L. and Whyte, J. Comparative Analysis of BIM Query Languages for Spatial Interdependencies Analysis, ASCE CRC 2020 (Abstract accepted) https://crc2020.engineering.asu.edu/Soman, R. K. (2019). Modelling construction scheduling constraints using Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL), Proceedings of 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction (EC³ 2019). Crete, Greece
  • Balasubrahmani,  M., Soman R. K., Whyte, J. K., Mahalingam, A. (2019). Temporality, innovation and megaproject-to-megaproject learning across continents in the case of Crossrail and Nagpur Metro. Proceedings of 35th EGOS Colloquium. Edinburgh, UK
  • Soman, R. K. (2019). Linked-data based dynamic constraint solving framework to support look-ahead-planning in construction, Proceedings of 36th CIB W78 2019 Conference. New Castle, UK
  • Goldbeck, N., Angeloudis, P. and Ochieng, W.Y. (2019) Resilience assessment for interdependent urban infrastructure systems using dynamic network flow models, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 188, 62-79. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ress.2019.03.007
  • Whyte J, 2019, How Digital Information Transforms Project Delivery Models, Project Management Journal, ISSN:8756-9728

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