Dr Anna Barnard – Group Leader

AnnaAnna is a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow in the Department of Chemistry and the Insitute of Chemical Biology. 

After graduating with an MChem degree from Durham University in 2008, Anna began a PhD in Chemistry with Professor David Smith at the University of York on self-assembling dendrons with applications in gene delivery which included a research visit at the University of Illinois. From 2012, she worked as a post-doctoral research associate with Professor Andy Wilson at the University of Leeds for 2 years on the development of novel inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. She then carried out a post-doc at Imperial College with Professor Ed Tate for before starting a Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial in October 2015. In 2019 she was awarded a prestigious Sir Henry Dale Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

DennisDr Dennis Worm - PDRA May 2019-Present

After graduating with an MSci in Biochemistry from the Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany) in 2014, I started a PhD in Chemistry with Professor Annette Beck-Sickinger at Leipzig University (Germany).
My thesis centred around receptor-targeting peptide-drug conjugates for selective cancer therapy, with a major focus on boron-modified peptides as novel agents for the boron neutron capture therapy.
In May 2019, I joined the Barnard Group at Imperial College as post-doctoral research associate to work on the development of novel peptide inhibitors for bacterial persistence.

Guilherme Dr Guilherme Vieira de Castro - PDRA June 2019-Present

I obtained my BSc and MSc in Chemistry from the Federal University of ABC (São Paulo, Brazil), where I worked with the organic synthesis of nuclear receptor modulators under the supervision of Prof. Mirela Sairre. In 2015 I joined the group of Prof. Alessio Ciulli in the University of Dundee (Scotland, UK) as a PhD student, working with fragment-based ligand discovery applied to E3 ubiquitin ligases.

I joined the Barnard group in 2019 to keep expanding my skills in the interface between chemistry and biology, developing tools to study and inhibit bacterial persistence.

Dr Archie Wall - PDRA March 2021-Present

ArchieIn 2015, I graduated from the Unversity of Leeds with an MChem (Hons) in Medicinal Chemistry. A year later, I commenced a PhD in Chemical Biology at UCL under the supervision of Dr Jamie Baker and Prof. Vijay Chudasama, working on novel methods for site-selective bioconjuation to enable the construction of next-generation biotherapeutics.

In 2021, I joined the Barnard and Tate grooups as a post-doctoral research associate, working on the selectivity profiling of α-helix mimetics in cells using chemoproteomics.

Postgraduate students

Sachi Sharma (PhD Student 2020 - Present)Sachi

I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Queen Mary where I worked on a synthetic project focused on the development of a new palladium-catalysed allylic alkylation process.  I jointed the Fuchter group at Imperial College London as part of my MRes in Drug Discovery and Development, where I worked on developing transmission-blocking drugs as an approach to eradicate malaria.

I started my PhD with the Barnard group in 2020, working on the target-directed synthesis of helix mimetics co-supervised by Prof Alan Armstrong.  

JoshJoshua Tomkins (PhD Student 2020 - Present)

In July 2020 I graduated from Durham University with an MChem degree. I completed my Master's research project in the Mahon group, using protein-polymer conjugate materials to study protein migration within bacterial outer membranes.

I started my PhD at Imperial College in October 2020, working in the Barnard, Speck, and Barr groups to develop peptides that stall origin licensing in non-small cell lung cancer cells.

AmritaAmrita Date (PhD Student 2021 - Present)

I graduated from the University of Mumbai (India) with a Bachelors in Pharmacy. I came to Imperial College in 2019 to do my Masters in Drug Discovery and Development (MRes), during which I worked on the design and synthesis of small molecule inhibitors of REV-ERB, under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Fuchter.

In 2021, I started my PhD with the Barnard group, working on the target profiling of hDM2 inhibitors using chemoproteomics.

CarlaCarla Aldington (PhD Student 2021 - Present)

Originally from Cornwall, I graduated from King's College London with an MSci in Chemistry. During my time at King's, I conducted two main projects, my final year research project within the Cobb group working on the asymmetric synthesis of a novel delta-amino acid and a King's undergraduate research fellowship working with Dr Harvey on a ChemEd based project.

In 2021, I joined the Barnard and Bull groups to complete my PhD as part of the React CDT using a combination of automated high-throughput synthesis, solid phase synthesis and target screening to optimise methodology for the discovery of PPI inhibitors.

SofyaSofya Rabinovich (MRes Student 2021 - Present)

Originally from Russia, I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science from Aston University (Birmingham), where I explored the efficacy of a new drug against clinically relevant microorganisms under the supervision of Dr Cox.

This year I started my MRes Drug discovery and Development course and joined Dr Barnard group, developing novel peptides for targeting the bacterial toxin and reversing antibiotic tolerance.

PhoebePhoebe Seltzer (MRes Student 2021 - Present)

I graduated from The University of Chicago with a Bachelors in Chemistry. In 2021, I am joining the Barnard group as part of my MRes in Chemical Biology and Bio-entrepreneurship at Imperial College, where I will be co-supervised by Dr. Kuimova to work on monitoring PPIs using molecular rotors.

Ellie Tardo (MRes Student 2021 - Present)

Undergraduate Students

RebeccaRebecca Schouten

I am in final year of my Chemistry degree at Trinity College Dublin. I am currently carrying out my Erasmus research project at Imperial college in the Barnard group, working alongside Sachi Sharma. During my time here, I will be synthesising target-directed helix mimetics

Ian WarmIan Warm

In September 2021, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from ETH Zürich. Consecutively, I started my master’s at the same university. Currently I am doing an exchange semester at Imperial College. During my exchange I will carry out a research project in the Barnard group. The project will focus on investigating bacterial protein-protein interactions, namely toxin-antitoxin modules.


Postdoctoral Research Associates

Fiona Rowan Jan 2017 - April 2018

PhD Students

Rashi Kahan (MPhil) 2019-2021, Theo Flack 2015-2019

MRes Students

Simon Ng 2019/20, Shiqi Tang 2019/20, Clara Bernardi 2018/19, Muhammed Haque 2017/18, Yingchao Wang 2016/17, Dan Miles 2016/17, Huda Baldo 2015/16

Undergraduate Project Students (MSci/BSc)

Lishen Jiang (MSci) 2020/21, Lucy Haggerty (MSci) 2019/20, Henry Wilson (MSci) 2019/20, Oana Popescu (BSc) 2019, Pete Gobbett (BSc) 2019, Ana Losada de la Lastra (MSci) 2017/18, Hannah Kiely-Collins (MSci) 2017/18, Michelle Tan (MSci) 2015/16

Erasmus/Exchange Students

Raquel Garcia-Ferrer 2020/21, Oliver Fischer 2017, Femke Meijer 2016/17