Dr Anna Barnard – Group Leader

AnnaAnna is a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow in the Department of Chemistry and the Insitute of Chemical Biology. 

After graduating with an MChem degree from Durham University in 2008, Anna began a PhD in Chemistry with Professor David Smith at the University of York on self-assembling dendrons with applications in gene delivery which included a research visit at the University of Illinois. From 2012, she worked as a post-doctoral research associate with Professor Andy Wilson at the University of Leeds for 2 years on the development of novel inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. She then carried out a post-doc at Imperial College with Professor Ed Tate for before starting a Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial in October 2015. In 2019 she was awarded a prestigious Sir Henry Dale Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

DennisDr Dennis Worm - PDRA May 2019-Present

After graduating with an MSci in Biochemistry from the Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany) in 2014, I started a PhD in Chemistry with Professor Annette Beck-Sickinger at Leipzig University (Germany).
My thesis centred around receptor-targeting peptide-drug conjugates for selective cancer therapy, with a major focus on boron-modified peptides as novel agents for the boron neutron capture therapy.
In May 2019, I joined the Barnard Group at Imperial College as post-doctoral research associate to work on the development of novel peptide inhibitors for bacterial persistence.

Guilherme Dr Guilherme Vieira de Castro

I obtained my BSc and MSc in Chemistry from the Federal University of ABC (São Paulo, Brazil), where I worked with the organic synthesis of nuclear receptor modulators under the supervision of Prof. Mirela Sairre. In 2015 I joined the group of Prof. Alessio Ciulli in the University of Dundee (Scotland, UK) as a PhD student, working with fragment-based ligand discovery applied to E3 ubiquitin ligases.

I joined the Barnard group in 2019 to keep expanding my skills in the interface between chemistry and biology, developing tools to study and inhibit bacterial persistence. 

Postgraduate students

ClaraClara Bernardi - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2018/19

I graduated with a BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Queen Mary University in 2018. My final year dissertation was supervised by Professor Tony Vlcek and focused on targeting and delivering anticancer agents based on avidin-biotin complexes.

Since completing my undergraduate degree, I enrolled on MRes in Drug Discovery and Development at Imperial College, where I am currently working on a project under the supervision of Dr Anna Barnard and Professor Matthew Fuchter that aims to investigate the use of novel synthetic photoswitchable Stapled Peptides for Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibition.


Theo Theo Flack - PhD Student 2015-2019
 Muhammed Muhammed Haque - MRes inDrug Discovery and Development 2017/18
 Ana Ana Losada de la Lastra - MSci Student 2017/18
 Hannah Hannah Kiely-Collins - MSci Student 2017/18
 Fiona Fiona Rowan - Postdoctoral Research Associate Jan 2017-April 2018

Dan Miles - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2016/17


Yingchao Wang - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2016/17

 Oliver Fischer  

Oliver Fischer - Erasmus Student 2017


Femke Meijer - Erasmus Student 2016/17

 Michelle Tan  

Michelle Tan - MSci Student 2015/16

 Huda Baldo  

Huda Baldo - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2015/16