The Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) provides several self-help solutions to fix common timetabling issues. Before continuing to complete the form, please check you are able to access your timetable via Calendar and that your data appears correctly in the Timetabling Dashboard.

Troubleshoot a timetable issue - FAQs

Office 365 on the web

All Imperial College London members are provided with an Office 365 email account access this account on the web to view your emails and calendar.

Request a new subscription email for iCalendar Pull Feed

Use the Timetabling Dashboard to check the email address registered for you to receive your timetable. This is your email address. 

Request your subscription email OR retrieve it by visiting the Timetabling Dashboard

Viewing your timetable

There are several ways to view your timetabling data. Learn more about the different options

Check you are able to access your timetable via Calendar and your data appears complete via the Timetabling Dashboard.

Troubleshoot a timetable issue - FAQ

Email doesn't exist...

Staff and Students are registered using their full email address. It will not recognise alternative addresses or short username addresses. 

Check the email address registered to you on the Timetabling Dashboard

Events out of Time Zone (during the night/early morning)

If your events seem to appear at odd times, either in the early hours of the morning, or late at night; please ensure your device is set to the correct time zone.

In Outlook: Options > Settings > Regional. This should be set to (UTC), Dublin, London etc.

My details are incorrect on the Dashboard

Check your personal details on the Timetabling Dashboard.

Data is fed from SoV (Son of Validate), the Colleges password management system. If incorrect, it must be updated:

Making a change to the staff or student name in Celcat alone will be automatically re-updated from SOV.

Troubleshoot a timetable issue - FAQ

Can't see events in the future... Publication Windows

The publication window of events through Celcat iCalendar (Pull Feed) and Timetabler AutoCalEx Direct (Push Feed) can be tailored at departmental level. That means that individual departments can now choose the publication window that Staff and Students can view their timetables.

Note that the publication windows affects the individual Staff or Student based on the department in their record. Therefore, if a group includes students from more than one department, the students may see more or less dependent on their own department's window, even though they are on the same event.

Check the publication window for your department on the Timetabling Dashboard and view the full year via Timetable Calendar.

The content of my timetable appears to be incorrect

Use the Timetabling Dashboard to check the teams, groups and modules you are associated with via your timetabling staff and/or student record.

View your timetable via Timetable Calendar to ensure the issue isn’t related to the data you are receiving to your device. Clear your cache and refresh your browser to check the data is up to date.

If using Timetabler iCalendar Feed (Pull), remove the link and re-subscribe. This will ensure that any issue with the subscription is fixed. Request your subscription email OR retrieve it by visiting the Timetabling Dashboard.

Mobile App

If you are attempting to access timetable from your phone then please follow the instruction on this link.

If you have any enquiries and require further help, please contact the Service Desk or Imperial Mobile team. Alternatively you can also visit South Kensington library (ground floor), Monday to Friday between 9am-6pm to see a member of service desk who will be happy to assit.