OK, so you have read "What is UROP" (especially, the eligibility criteria), and reviewed some "perspectives".

It is truly amazing what you can forge in the world of UROP with good networking, timely preparation and, perhaps, a bit of good luck along the way.

Students consider the potential of UROP at different stages in their educational lifecycle and therefore the motivations behind undertaking a UROP can differ. Equally the timetable for planning a UROP and the detail behind that plan can differ. On the one hand you may have been planning your every last move from before you commenced your degree, while on the other hand you might be in the latter stages of your degree and have just realised that your future is just around the corner and you urgently need to consider your options!

A good person to speak to if you wish to discuss your motivations further is your academic advisor at your current university, which for undergraduates at Imperial College is your ‘personal tutor’.

This section provides further information and guidance on how to develop a UROP.

....and our information sheet can help undergraduates of Imperial College with some key aspects of how the scheme runs at Imperial College: UROP Information Sheet - 2020 .

Good Luck!