Our first new perspectives from summer 2023 can now be found below. The College is always grateful to all students who are prepared to share their experiences.


Many students who have undertaken UROP have fed back to the scheme about their experiences.

Whether you are a current or prospective undergraduate of Imperial College or a student from another UK university we hope you find these stories both informative and inspiring!

Firstly: you can listen to Rea on the Imperial College Youtube channel talk about her UROP experience in the summer of 2021 (search "Rea explains UROP").

There are a couple of other UROP orientated videos (Bioengineering and Medicine) on the College's Youtube channel which have good informative content, please note that they were compiled during the pandemic.

Hopefully Rea's thoughtful insight into her experiences will have whetted your appetite to hear more feedback from UROP participants. You will find below a number of perspectives (indicating the subject area of the UROP). You are encouraged to read those in disciplines other than your own since perspectives focus on the UROP process (finding, securing, undertaking and reflection) rather than the technical detail of the research. You can learn much which is insightful from those who have taken part.

Please note that during the summer of 2020 most UROPs were undertaken on a remote basis due to the pandemic, while in the summer of 2021 and 2022 the UROP experience was a more mixed mode operation (some wholly campus-based; some wholly remote and many a bit of both) with a significant move back to on-campus experiences in the summer of 2022.