Making Waves

Staff and students from the National Heart and Lung Institute who are making an impact and inspiring our community

Kiran Patel in lab holding saxophone and mala beads
Sometimes our stories make us stronger.  

This is what one of our contributors said to me during her interview, and I couldn’t have summed up Making Waves any better. This project sets out to showcase the people behind the great science and teaching that the National Heart and Lung Institute is known for.

The founding premise of this project was that anyone should be able to look at these portraits and see themselves. So that everyone can know they are welcome, and they belong in science and at NHLI. 

Each person we feature was asked to choose three objects to represent who they are or what they believe is important, to feature in the portrait with them. 

Thanks to all the contributors who kindly shared their thoughts and stories with us. 

Sometimes our stories make us stronger.

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Aaron sits in clinical room holding RAF hat


Clinical Research Fellow
Aaron Braddy-Green

"With the RAF Air Cadets I get to invest time into worthy young adults and hopefully inspire others."

Kiran holds saxophone and prayer beads


Clinical Research Fellow
Kiran Haresh Kumar Patel

"My spirituality has always been something that I can fall back on as a source of comfort, but also inspires confidence in me. I think it's quite a personal thing, but it's been my bedrock and continues to be my inspiration"

Sejal stands with asthma inhaler and bar of chocolate


Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine 
Sejal Saglani

"Without teamwork and support from everyone in my Section, I would not be a successful leader, but I also don't think any of the Principal Investigators would be as successful in their research"

Simone Walker


Senior Research Technician 
Simone Walker 

"You can learn everything in a book, and it can open up your whole world to so much."

Blerina holds up key and mortar board


BHF Research Fellow
Dr Blerina Ahmetaj-Shala  

"Having a good work life balance is important. Family and friends bring you back down to what it's all about, and ultimately make you more productive at work"

Cecilia holds plant in lab


Professor of Mucosal Immunology 
Cecilia Johansson 

"Mentoring enables other scientists to grow - it’s really part of our job. A bit of your time can make a large impact"

Maike and Salina hold a globe and microphone in a lab

Maike and Salina 

PhD students
Maike Haensel and Salina Nicoleau

"Coming from an international background has forged who we are - open minded and accepting of other cultures"

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Dr Katerina Koutsantoni 
Education Manager 

My story is coming soon 


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Anna Randi
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

My story is coming soon 

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Shyreen Hassibi 
PhD Student 

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