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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

Honorary Research Fellow







58 Prince's GateSouth Kensington Campus





Dr. Ballis focuses in the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease as the managing director of Diadem Research, an innovative start-up.

His goal is to help innovative therapies reach patients and manage investments to facilitate their development and commercialisation. 

He managed venture investment in therapeutics at King's College London and led corporate business development, licensing and M&A for multinational pharmaceutical company after a career in research at AstraZeneca, Inserm and Cardiff University.

His past research focused on the field of epithelial stem cell biology and cancer and embryonic stem cell differentiation. He founded one of the first regenerative medicine companies HRM, developing cell therapeutics for heart failure.

Dr. Ballis has also been involved in overcoming technological, regulatory and intellectual property barriers to cell therapy, drafted and revised legislation for the EU on stem cell research.


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