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Research Issues

  • livelihoods of poor members of rural communities in developing countries
  • risk and uncertainty effects of marketing systems on poor people''s ability to increase agricultural productivity
  • interactions of agricultural and other activities in rural livelihoods and economies.

Research Approaches

  • new institutional economics
  • farm management and farming systems analysis
  • household and rural economy models
  • inter-disciplinary and participative approaches to research and development.

Selected recent research and consultancy assignments/ projects

2006      Background paper for the 2008 Word Development Report on "Traditional Domestic markets and Marketing Systems for Agricultural Products"  (with C Poulton and J Kydd)

2005-07            Future Agricultures Consortium –Social Protection & Agriculture theme,  Malawi country work

2005          Future of small farms seminar (with IFPRI & ODI); organisation and paper preparation

2005          State Intervention for Food Price Stabilisation in Africa: Can It Work? (paper for World Bank workshop)

2005          Study of uptake of NERICA varieties in Nigeria.(Gatsby and Rockefeller Foundations)

2004-06     Lesson learning pro-poor impact of agricultural innovation, Bolivia

2004          Strengthening of local markets and institutions in agriculture (Africa Commission)

2004          Making agricultural markets work better for the poor (DFID paper)

2004          Agricultural liberalisation in Africa (EU)

2003-04     Making markets work better for the poor – livelihoods and markets, Vietnam (ADB)

2003-04     Disaggregated analysis of agricultural policy reform impacts on rural households (OECD)

2003-05     Farmer organisations for market access (DFID Crop Post Harvest Programme)

2003          The Role of Market Based Economic Development in Strengthening Food Security  - ODI, Southern AfricaForum on Food Security

2001-03     Institutions and economic policies for Pro Poor Agricultural Growth (DFID research project)

2000-01     Diverse income sources & seasonal finance for smallholder agriculture: applying a livelihoods approach in South Africa(DFID research Project)

2001-03     Understanding small stock as livelihood assets: indicators for facilitating technology development and dissemination  (DFID, Livestock Production Programme)

2000-03     Mopane Woodlands and the Mopane Worm: Enhancing Rural Livelihoods and Resource Sustainability (DFID, Forestry Research Programme)

Research grants, consultancy work and review papers commissioned by a wide range of organisations including FAO, World Bank, UK Department for International Development, EU,  Africa Commission, Gatsby Foundation.

Research Student Supervision

KABAMBE,S, Impact of WTO Agricultural Reforms on Commodity Supply Chains in Malawi

MORALES,EG, Institutional arrangements in the Bolivian system for agricultural technology