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Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Materials

Honorary Lecturer





LM04Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus




Research Projects

Degradation in solid oxide fuel cells

This project focuses on the study of degradation mechanism in solid oxide fuel cells and other related applications such as oxygen transport membranes under operation conditions. Current emphasis is on the Cr and S poisoning of the electrode materials.


Novel graphene/polymer composites for Li-ion batteries

In this project, we are developing novel composite materials with controlled microstructure for electrode applications in batteries.


Advanced Carbides for future nuclear fission

This EPSRC project works on the development and characterization of novel carbides and MAX phase materials for nuclear applications with enhanced accident tolerance. 


Dr. Eugenio Zapata-Solvas (Research Associate)

Mr. Ricky Hutchings (ICO-CDT student)


He bubbles in FCC metals

This ICO-CDT project funded by EPSRC and AWE studies the role of He bubble formation in the degradation of FCC metals with the aim to understand the irradiation damage in nuclear materials.


Miss Kathryn Yates (ICO-CDT student)