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Simon Thom is emeritus professor of cardiovascular medicine & clinical pharmacology at Imperial College London.  He trained at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School and subsequently in hospital posts in Bath and Newcastle-upon-Tyne before returning to Peter Sever’s department of clinical pharmacology at St Mary’s (now Imperial College London) over 40 years ago. 

He was consultant physician at St Mary’s & Hammersmith hospitals and co-director of the Peart-Rose hypertension & cardiovascular disease prevention clinic.  He was also co-director of the North West London diabetes research network (part of the UK national clinical research network).  He was a member of the executive committee of the British Hypertension Society, the national hypertension guidelines group and the cardiovascular NIHR specialty group.

Clinical interests include general medicine, hypertension, cardiovascular disease prevention and hypertensive complications of pregnancy.  Research interests include vascular pharmacology and physiology, structure and mechanics of the circulation and haemodynamics in relation to vascular disease.  He has led clinical trials of cardiovascular treatments; latterly the multi-centered UMPIRE trial evaluating a cardiovascular single pill combination that included collaborators and participants in India, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland and UK.  


MB BS  St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, University of London  1976

MRCP  1979  (Fellowship 1996)

MD  Vascular a2-adrenoceptor pharmacology, University of London  1992


Current post

Emeritus professor of cardiovascular medicine & clinical pharmacology

National Heart & Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London (ICL)


Previous posts

Professor, NHLI, ICL  2005

Senior lecturer & consultant physician, St Mary’s & IC healthcare trust  1992

Lecturer (clinical pharmacology) & senior registrar (medical unit), St Mary’s  1984

 Selected publications

  • Wang N, Patel A, Webster R, Thom S, Rodgers et al. Effects of low-dose triple combination therapy on therapeutic inertia and prescribing patterns in hypertension – results from the TRIUMPH trial.  JAMA Cardiol (submitted March 2020)
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  • Gu B, Piebalgs A, Huang Y, Longstaff C, Hughes AD, Chen R, Thom S A, Xu XY. Mathematical modelling of intravenous thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke: effects of dose regimens on levels of fibrinolytic proteins and clot lysis time.  Pharmaceutics 2019; 11(3): 111.
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Ongoing work

Nano-particle packaged thrombolysis for stroke with Rongjun Chen & Yun Xu (Chem Eng ICL), Isabelle Salles (Haematology ICL), Simon De Meyer (Thrombosis Research, KU Leuven, Belgium), Denis Vivien (Neurovascular Diseases INSERM, Caen, France), Colin Longstaff (National Institute for Biological Standards, UK), Alun Hughes (Population Science & Experimental Medicine, UCL).  Papers in draft arising from recent BRC support.  Patent application filed.  Funding application to BHF in progress, re-submission invited after review by ‘tech transfer’ panel.

Retinal vascular Image Computational Analysis (RICA) for CVD risk assessment:  adapting image analysis software for rapid and cheap use on smart-phone acquired retinal images with Kim Parker (Bioengineering ICL), Elena Martinez (Computer Sciences, University of Mexico), Alun Hughes (Population Science & Experimental Medicine, UCL). Papers in draft arising from recent BRC support and seeking industry &/ tech &/ academic partners.

PhD student supervision:  Frances Wood.  Co-supervisor with Profs Christine Norton & Darrel Francis.  Project based on SAMSON study (Self-Assessment Method for Statin side effects Or Nocebo) funded by BHF.  Rotational trial within subject blinded exposure to statin, placebo & no treatment assessing reported side effects, adherence and QOL to evaluate stain side effects.  Likely to give the clearest answer to the true nature of statin adverse effects; data collection complete.  Now analyzing and writing up (part-time); submission expected October 2020.

FOURIER Legacy study:  Endpoint /event adjudication panel c/o Prof Peter Sever & Dr Judy Mackay.  A long-term follow-up study of PCSK-9 treatment consequences following participation in an international lipid lowering trial.

ORBITA, Objective Randomised Blinded Investigation with optimal medical Therapy of Angioplasty (Lancet 2017):  further papers reporting results of secondary endpoints in detail, e.g. exercise monitoring, stress echo measures, drug adherence monitoring, quality of life.  These arise from data included in Dr David Thompson’s PhD awarded in 2018.

Meta-analysis of trials of various interventions for stable angina ranked by quality of design illustrating that increasing features of blinding & placebo randomisation progressively diminish effect.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Manisty C, Mayet J, Tapp RJ, et al., 2010, Wave Reflection Predicts Cardiovascular Events in Hypertensive Individuals Independent of Blood Pressure and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors An ASCOT (Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcome Trial) Substudy, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Vol:56, ISSN:0735-1097, Pages:24-30

Thom S, Stettler C, Stanton A, et al., 2009, Differential Effects of Antihypertensive Treatment on the Retinal Microcirculation An Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial Substudy, Hypertension, Vol:54, ISSN:0194-911X, Pages:405-408

Torii R, Wood NB, Hadjiloizou N, et al., 2009, Stress phase angle depicts differences in coronary artery hemodynamics due to changes in flow and geometry after percutaneous coronary intervention, American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, Vol:296, ISSN:0363-6135, Pages:H765-H776

Williams B, Lacy PS, Cruickshank JK, et al., 2009, Impact of Statin Therapy on Central Aortic Pressures and Hemodynamics Principal Results of the Conduit Artery Function Evaluation-Lipid-Lowering Arm (CAFE-LLA) Study, Circulation, Vol:119, ISSN:0009-7322, Pages:53-U98

More Publications