Representation, diversity and heritage

Reflections from our Black staff and students

Black students at the Imperial Afrogala

This Black History Month, we are sharing stories on the importance of Black heritage representation and the diverse experiences of Black students and staff at Imperial.

  • Representation matters: Isabel Overton, Development Communications Officer, focuses on why improving representation matters in her piece, ‘Why Black women in STEM want to see themselves in others’.
  • Reaching out: Undergraduate student Meley Gdey speaks to us about the impact of representation and outreach as a student.
  • Championing Black voices: Staff member Bosede Ogunleye shares her experiences of representation in the workforce and the impact on the student community.
  • Making real change: We meet Dr Wayne Mitchell and Professor Lesley Cohen, our new Associate Provosts for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. They share their thoughts on the future and how we can continue on the path to progress.

Through these stories we hope to inspire others to learn more about the importance of representation in higher education. We invite you to read and share these articles. They offer an opportunity to start a conversation about the challenges that Black people face and how we can work together to create a more inclusive and equitable society.