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Why do we need College Values?

The development of our Values links directly to us achieving our Strategy and delivering the College Mission, by stating what is important to us and how we work together. 

To help us achieve the aims and objectives set out in our Strategy, the Provost's Board wanted to develop a set of Values and Behaviours that will:

  • Create clarity by articulating positive behaviour 
  • Support consistency across the College  
  • Raise a shared awareness through ongoing conversations  
  • Set priorities and define the leadership behaviour that is most valued by staff  
  • Act as a basis for feedback and provide a framework for improvement-focused conversations  
  • Reinforce a culture where positive behaviours are recognised and poor conduct addressed  

The development of College Values also helps us respond to the shifting external environment and the challenges of new ways of working, as well as increasing concerns about mental health and wellbeing.

How will the Values link to Imperial Expectations?

The Values and Behaviours build on Imperial Expectations and incorporate them into the behaviour descriptions.

The specific Values and Behaviours for both leaders and colleagues are essential for creating a positive working environment and culture at Imperial.

My department has its own values already. How will this impact on them?

The College Values and Behaviours are expected to provide an overarching framework in which any local values can co-exist and evolve together. 

If you would like to explore how your local values may be supported, please contact the People and Organisational Development team.