Foreword from Professor Hugh Brady, President

Since our founding in 1907, Imperial has sought to be not only a world-leading university, but a world-changing one. We have combined our tremendous strength in science, engineering, medicine and business (STEMB) with scientific discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship, to create real-world impact.

Every day our students, staff and partners come together to interrogate the forces that shape our world. We do it so we can use that understanding to tackle the biggest challenges facing humanity and shape a better future. Sometimes, and this is one of those times, this means interrogating the forces that shape the future of our own university.

That is why, one year ago, we came together to ask ourselves a question: “How do we maximise our potential as a force for good in the world?” This document addresses that question; an actionable plan that unlocks more of the power of science to serve humanity. This is how we shape the future – for our students, our community, our planet and everyone who calls it home.

The strategy reflects the purpose and priorities of our staff, students and global Imperial community. It is the result of an engaging and inspiring consultation both within and outside Imperial. We thank everyone who contributed their big ideas and bold ambition to this process.

I hope you will be as inspired as I am by what we have achieved so far and all we will achieve together.

Enabling talent

Our strategy will develop the people and skills the world needs now and into the future. We will work to attract, nurture and champion the best local, national and global talent wherever they are, and to empower them with everything they need to make a meaningful difference.

Powering research

Our strategy is a plan to strengthen Imperial’s enabling environment for discovery, innovation and impact. We will create an even more deeply connected knowledge community and interdisciplinary research powerhouse that will meet the scale and urgency of the moment and respond with intelligence, responsibility and agility to everything that comes next.

Amplifying impact

Our strategy will help to accelerate Imperial towards, and scale the impact of, new discoveries, inventions and ideas, and position us as a trusted convenor and partner for knowledge and tech organisations across the globe. We will look beyond our London campuses to our wider network and wider responsibility, honouring our social and civic purpose, in London for the world.