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About the Academy

Explore the evolving relationship between STEM research and our society. Acquire new practical engagement skills through experimenting with ideas and reflecting on your experiences. Develop your confidence, leadership skills and professional identity, among a supportive cohort of colleagues.

This unique opportunity is delivered in partnership between Imperial's Science Communication Unit and Societal Engagement Team.

The academy will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Explore different engagement methods, learn what leads to good practice and assess the suitability of different methods to engage target audiences with complex content.
  • Build new engagement skills and networks, by taking part in practical activities and sessions led by specialists
  • Develop and refine an engagement activity with relevance to Imperial’s research or your areas of work.
  • Reflect on the role of universities in today's society and your place within this, and explore the evolving relationship between STEM research and our society.


Information for potential applicants

Who is it for?

This is aimed at any Imperial staff member keen to:

  • Reflect on and expand their professional identity to include societal engagement practice
  • Develop, deliver and evaluate their own engagement activity throughout the duration of the Academy
  • Increase their leadership aptitudes and skills
  • Build lasting, supportive relationships with a diverse range of colleagues from across the College.
  • Support Imperial to grow and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with society.

This course is not aimed at professional engagement practitioners with extensive experience.

*Please note that engagement activities that may support teaching and learning practice can be used to support an application for HEA fellowship via Imperial’s STAR framework.

Key dates

2017/8 Engagement Academy sessions are scheduled from 9:30am to 15:30pm on the following dates:

  1. Tuesday 7 November 2017
  2. Tuesday 28 November 2017
  3. Tuesday 12 December 2017
  4. Tuesday 16 January 2018
  5. Tuesday 13 February 2018
  6. Tuesday 13 March 2018
  7. Tuesday 22 May 2018

Applicants must be available to attend all sessions. 

How to book your place

Please note: Applications for the 2017/8 Academy are now closed. We hope to run the Engagement Academy annually or bi-annually and will formulate a waiting list to support unsuccessful applicants to get a place on future programmes. Contact our team if you have any questions.

Booking information

Please complete the expression of interest to register for a place. There are several questions to address as part of this.

You are required to have line manager approval to attend the Academy and deliver related engagement activities, and this will be followed up formally when the places have been confirmed in October.

Participants are selected on their motivations for developing their societal engagement practice and their specific hopes and expectations of the course. We are not selecting participants based on a specific level of societal engagement experience – we ask this question within the expression of interest to understand what experience people will bring to the course. We are hoping for a diverse range of participants with various levels of experience and backgrounds in engagement.