DoC Student Labs

Department of computing Student teaching labs

Students at work in the labs

The teaching labs are located on level 2 of the Huxley Building.  The PC workstations in these labs are frequently updated on a rolling basis, approximately one third every year.

  • The labs are open to students from 8am to midnight, including weekends.The labs are a secure area: you must have your College ID card with you if you are in the labs and only students who are on courses in Computing are allowed into the labs. Please note the lab regulations.

  • There are just over 250 (256 at last count) workstations available for use.  They all run Ubuntu 18.04 Linux and Microsoft Windows 10, with a large range of teaching software.

  • There are currently 4 ICT printers available for student use.

  • There are three meeting rooms - 219A, 219B and 219C - within the main lab. Students can book these rooms.


There are currently wired ethernet ports for connecting portable devices via Ethernet in the main labs and meeting rooms 219A, 219B and 219C. Please note that not all ports are live.

All of Huxley levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and lecture theatres 144 and 145 have 802.11 wireless networking - use the Imperial-WPA SSID.