ICT Printers

ICT provide a variety of large shared printers throughout the College - there are several of these available for general use throughout the Department of Computing. Please note that taught students may only use printers in the main lab (Huxley 219). They are only for use by Department of Computing staff and students. They are all capable of duplex printing (on both sides of a sheet of paper) and should do so by default.  We have followed ICT's lead in setting up two print queues, one for mono printing to any ICT printer, the other for colour printing to any ICT printer that supports colour (most/all nowadays):







HP Color Laserjet MFP E87650




HP Color Laserjet MFP E87650


*Please note: the DoC 'ICTMono' and 'ICTColour' print queues connect to the ICT print-service. You can collect print-outs to these queues from any ICT printer on campus to which you have physical access. You will need your college swipe-card to collect print-jobs from these printers; alternatively, use your college log-in and password on the printer touch-screen. DoC locations of ICT printers are Huxley 219, Huxley 356, Huxley 439, Huxley 570 and WPL L3. All ICT printers in DoC are HP Color Laserjet MFP devices.

All CSG-controlled Linux and Windows desktops should already be configured with printer queues "ICTMono", "ICTColour" - and a number of Departmental printers too. You can print from various graphical applications simply be selecting the desired queue names (eg "ICTMono" or "ICTColour"), or from the Linux command line follow these instructions: Printing from the Linux Command-Line web page.

To configure a standalone laptop, desktop or mobile device to print to ICT printers, please see the ICT Printing Guide.

Setting up Non-ICT Departmental Printers

If you want to configure a standaolone laptop or desktop to print to older non-ICT Departmental printers in smaller research offices:

        • Standalone Linux laptops or desktops can be set up to talk to the DoC print server via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) print service on
        • Standalone Windows or Mac laptops or desktops may be set up to to talk to the DoC print server via the Samba print service on

Please contact CSG on for more information about setting up printing to non-ICT printers...
... and ICT on for more information about setting up printing to ICT printers.