Here are some important recent changes CSG have made to our services:

Mar 2017

  • We have added a new "Activities" section to the CSG website, showing entertaining InfoGraphics views of CSG regular activities through the year. Hopefully this will show you some of what goes on behind the scenes in CSG.
  • We have started working through remaining Ubuntu 12.04 computers in the Dept, as Ubuntu 12.04 is soon to go out on maintenance, offering to retire or replace or upgrade old machinkes. We've retired all such desktop PCs, but various servers remain.
  • We have also started to actively retire desktop PCs over 4 years old, especially HP Elite 8200 desktop PCs (and anything older, eg Dell Optiplexes, HP 8100, 8000, 7900 etc). If you think you have a machine older than 4 years old, please email us on giving us some useful details, and we'll see whether it could be replaced or retired.

Jan 2017

  • We have upgraded the Departmental gitlab server ( from version 8.10.0rc4 to 8.11.11 (we had intended to upgrade it considerably further, but experienced some unexpected difficulties).
  • We have refreshed with updated Spring Term data for the start of term.
  • We have released termly Ubuntu Linux package updates to CSG-supported Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04 and 12.04.  If your machine is not running Ubuntu 16.04, and you'd like it upgraded (or replaced), please let us know - email telling us the name of the machine, where it is, which OS it's running at present, and whether or not there's any important non-backed up data on the local hard disk, and we'll arrange Linux upgrades or machine replacements.

Sep 2016

  • Ubuntu v16.04 , Non-CSG maintained Cloud VM templates have been made available.
  • These new templates no longer require a reboot for intialisation.
  • Any additional storage added during VM deployment would be automatically mounted as /data.
  • /boot is no longer a separate partition.

  • The departmental Linux home directory servers have been updated from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 16.04.
  • The hardware and operating systems underlying key departmental Linux servers has been updated. This should lead to faster, more reliable services for our end-users and increased expansion options.
  • The teaching labs - Huxley 202, 206, 210 and 219 - have been overhauled for the new academic year.

May 2016

  • We have upgraded our main web servers and to new Ubuntu 14.04 machines runnig Apache2 2.4.7 with our local suexec changes.
  • These new servers achieve SSL Labs coveted A+ SSL security rating.
  • If you find that any of your CGI scripts no longer work, please ask us to check via emailing
  • The old Ubuntu 12.04 based webservers are still around as and, for the rest of the Summer term. After that, they will be decommissioned.

Mar 2016

  • We have released packages to fix an important Gnu C Library (CERT CVE-2015-7547) to all supported Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 hosts.
  • We have retired/reinstalled all older vulnerable Ubuntu desktops that we know of (eg those running Ubuntu 11.04 or 13.04). If you think your Linux desktop/laptop may be vulnerable, ask us to check via emailing

Jan 2016

  • The DoC GitLab service has been upgraded from version 7.14 to 8.3.4. The new 8.x version includes the GitLab Continuous Integration functionality. CSG is working on developing a vm template to use as a test runner with DoC GitLab CI. We will inform you as we make progress.
  • The DoC Ubuntu versions 12.04 and 14.04 have been updated. 

Oct 2015

  • Following requests in our recent user survey for more quota, we decided to double all new users' DoC home directory quota from 4GB to 8GB.
  • Of course, we also raised the home directory quota of all existing users with less than 8GB to 8GB.


Aug 2015

  • Major version upgrade of the DoC Private IaaS CloudStack management Interface from>4.4.1->4.4.2->4.5.1.
  • Updated the VM image templates to include fail2ban and sshguard along with the latest kernel updates. Users deploying 'Non CSG' maintained templates now have access to their ICT home directories which are 8Gb and are backed up.
  • 90% of the VMs have been updated to the latest kernel and rebooted to reflect it.
  • The old batch server Tui, alias batch1, has been retired. batch1 is now an alias for Potoo01 and batch2 is now an alias for Potoo02.