Third Year Regulations


Students select six courses from an approved list of options. Students may include as one of their options a course from the Imperial College Business School or Horizons programme.


Each lecture course has associated coursework. The weighting is normally 15%, although for some more practical courses the weighting is 33%. The rest is assessed by written examination.


Students participate in a group project in the first term and an individual project which spans the whole academic year.

Six options (each contributing 210)  1260
Software Engineering Group Project  440
Individual Project  850
 Total  2550
components of first year

The marks for the three years are aggregated into an overall mark. Students must normally achieve at least 40% in the individual project and a minimum of 40% overall in order to pass the degree. 

Classification for BEng

The marks for all components of the three years of the course are aggregated into an overall mark. The class of degree awarded depends on this overall mark, with the proviso that candidates must have achieved at least 40% overall in Part III and normally at least 40% in their individual project.

In addition to these requirements, candidates are normally expected to successfully complete the BEng degree programme in three continuous years.

For each year, the total possible marks are:

Year 1 total 850
Year 2 total 1700
Year 3 total 2550
Total over 3 years 5100