Absence and Illness

  • Absence of more than one day must be notified immediately to the Senior Tutor, with an indication of the period likely to be involved.
  • When absence on account of illness exceeds one week, a medical certificate is required.
  • If part or the whole of an examination is missed on account of illness, a medical certificate must be sent immediately.
  • Late submission of coursework for reasons of illness may be done only with the permission of the Senior Tutor, who should be seen in person beforehand.

Contact Addresses

You must provide both your term-time and home addresses upon registration at the start of each academic session. It is essential that you notify immediately any subsequent change of address to both the Registry and the Senior Tutor. Change-of-Address forms are available from the Student Administration Office (Room 370).

Physical Mail

Pigeon holes are provided for your mail in the student common room on Level 2.

The official College postal address is:

Department of Computing
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus

Electronic Mail

  • The Department relies heavily upon e-mail for announcements and official notices.
  • You will be allocated an e-mail account and you should check it daily for messages.
  • Do not use private e-mail addresses when communicating with staff. If your do so your messages may be deleted by the spam filter.

Telephone Numbers

  • The external number for the College switchboard is 0207 589 5111.
  • The external number for each DoC extension takes (normally) the form 0207 594 xxxx.
  • The internal number for each DoC extension takes (normally) the form 4xxxx.