Part I Mark Scheme

The overall mark scheme for the first year (Part I of the Degree) is as follows:

Eight examinations (each contributing 60) 480
Coursework 100
Programming 230
Computing Topics Project 40
Part I Total 850

See the Exams Advice Page for the criteria for passing Part I.

See the Departmental Regulations for more details on the Degree Regulations and Marks Schemes.

Continuous assessment is an essential aspect of the course - it consolidates your understanding of taught material to equip you for the written examinations, and it has its own thresholds which you have to satisfy to pass the year as a whole. Treat it very seriously.

You must keep your continuous assessment work in good order after it has been returned to you from marking, because in the Summer term you will be asked to return it all to the SAO so that it may be formally inspected by the visiting external examiners.


The programming element is divided into three parts - Haskell, Java and C. They contribute, respectively 35%, 45% and 20% of the programming marks. There are both minor assessments and main tests as set out in the table below.

LanguageAssessmentWeightingOverall Weighting
Haskell Practice Test 0 35%
Interim Test 20
Final Test 80
Java Practice Test 5 45%
Interim Test 15
Final Test 80
C Group Project 40 20%
Main Test 60

All the tests are sat in the labs under examination conditions. Note that these weightings are for guidance only, and may change from time to time.


Individual coursework exercises are set for all lecture courses other than Programming. The submission deadlines are set out on the CATe system, and late coursework will not be accepted unless an extension has been agreed.

For Coursework and PMT submission arrangements see the Student Administration Office (SAO) page.

To help monitor your progress, there is also a Christmas Test.

Coursework contributes up to 100 marks (pass mark 40) to the overall assessment of the first year. The individual subject weightings are as follows:

Databases 15%
Hardware 15%
Logic 15%
Discrete Maths 15%
Mathematical Methods 15%
Architecture 15%
Ethics 5%
Presentation Skills Workshop 5%

The christmas test marks contribute to the coursework totals for Mathematical Methods and Logic.

Computing Topics Project

This contributes up to 55 marks to the overall assessment of the first year. It has no pass requirement.