The laboratory work programme provides integrated support to the lecture courses. Besides the labwork exercises relating to these courses, it includes hardware experiments and tuition on the use of hardware and software resources.  Your labs are co-ordinated by the First Year Lab TF, Tristan Allwood.

Your labwork assignments will be marked, but the marks will not count towards the formal assessment of this first year of your degree. Nevertheless, it is a compulsory requirement that you submit all of them.

The laboratory work is a substantial and compulsory part of the first-year programme. It is essential that you attempt all the exercises and attend the tutorials regularly. It has no pass requirement and the marks will not count in the overall assessment.

The weekly assignments for the laboratory are available from CATe.  Look to course 161 (Computing) or 176 (JMC).  In general, you will need to get the specification for the week's assignment from CATe, the code to work on from Gitlab, and submit / autotest results from The Lab System.