The Student Administration Office (SAO) is located in Room 370, on Level 3 of the Huxley Building.

Exercise Schedule

The lecturers will inform you of the exercises they are setting for you, and the details of these will be published in the CATe ("Continuous Assessment Tracking Engine") system. For many modules, CATe also serves as the means of accessing supporting notes, etc.

Consult CATe regularly to ensure you know what has been set and what its due date is.

Submission Procedure

Every week during term time, the SAO handles hundreds of items of work submitted by students. It is vitally important that you take every care to follow the proper submission procedure so that your work will not be mislaid and fail to be marked.

Submit each hardcopy exercise as follows:

  • connect to the CATe system;
  • choose the timetable of exercises corresponding to the relevant period;
  • in this timetable locate the particular exercise to be submitted;
  • in the box for this exercise, click the yellow 'H' icon to get the online declaration form, and fill it in;
  • if the submission is to be electronic, upload your files using the input boxes displayed;
  • if the submission is to be hardcopy, you will see a link to a (postscript file) cover page;
  • print this cover page, sign and date it and submit it with your work - in a plastic pocket - at the SAO.
  • Never hand your submissions directly to lecturers or markers.