First year

Transfer between BEng and MEng and vice-versa will be permitted on agreement of the senior tutors during the 1st year. It is usually required that all transfer decisions have been finalised by the start of the 2nd year.

Second year

Transfer from BEng to MEng during the 2nd year may be permitted depending on whether the student has attained the necessary credit from the 1st year and on whether the appropriate course options have been taken, at the discretion of the senior tutors.

Required to Transfer to BEng

A student may be required to transfer from MEng to BEng at the end of the 2nd year if they fail to attain the necessary credit from their first two years. In order to progress to the 3rd Year of the MEng degree students must normally achieve an overall aggregate 2:1 mark in both Maths and Computing disciplines from Years 1 and 2.