The 'Discover Computing' event ran over two Saturdays (11th and 18th in May) for students primarily from the supplementary schools in North Kensington. The aim of the workshop was to provide students and families from under-represented minority groups with an insight into Computing to pique their interest in pursuing the subject for their studies. Another aim of the workshop was to raise participant's economic prospects, given the fact that Computing careers are one of the highest-paid careers student's can pursue after achieving their degree at university.

The target audience for this planned activity were students and parents from the supplementary schools in the North Kensington area. The workshop was planned with the help of the Westway trust, primarily Muna Ali, who is the Programme Coordinator (supplementary schools) and Val Patterson, who is the Head of Learning and Skills and the Associate Director of Education and Services.

Children carrying out tasks together

Two sessions took place on each Saturday, a morning and an afternoon session lasting around two and a half hours each. The event was very well attended, with 14 families taking part in a couple of sessions and 16-17 families in others.

The feedback was very good overall and the word of mouth strong, so much so that the families and community partners want the Department of Computing to run more workshops during the next academic year. In terms of statistics, 98.1% of attendees found the event to be enjoyable, with 98.1% saying that they would recommend this event to others. 78.4% of participants agreed that their awareness of Computing education and/or career pathways had changed and 76% said that their knowledge about Computing and/or university had changed. One of the things that would be incorporated in to future workshops (based on feedback recieved during the event) would be more variety of activities. This is something that the outreach team will work on for next time, without making the day feel too crowded. 

People were really kind and made me change my thought on computer science"
The Q&A sessions were the most enjoyable session, as you get to hear the personal experiences of students who have studied computer science. You also get to learn about different courses"

I liked learning about computer science and doing different activities as I really used my brain a lot"