"We've had great success recruiting students from Imperial for our engineering roles across Google offices globally. We've found that these students have a strong foundation of core computing skills and a creative approach to problem solving, which makes them a great fit." - Google

Ocado Technology

"Imperial undergraduates, graduates and post graduates always feature heavily in our recruitment plans for internships, graduates and experienced hires".- Ocado Technology 

Our graduates do not just have the essential core skills but have also learned how to adapt to technological change, with its challenges and opportunities. Part of how we ensure this is by liaising with industry, from cutting edge start-ups to multinational household names.

The result is that Imperial's Computing graduates are some of the most sought-after worldwide and amongst the top five earners in the UK, according to The Sunday Times's league of graduate salaries in 2014. 

Career opportunities 

A career in Computing opens the door to a wide range of careers. Roles span technical innovation, management, analysis, consultancy, training and research in many industry sectors.

We have close relationships with many of the major employers of Computing graduates - not only software and communications companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Philips - but also financial computer users, including Goldman Sacks, Bloomberg, UBS, Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse and Deutche Bank. 

Many of our graduates, though, go on to work for smaller IT companies and quite a few have started their own businesses.  Some go into management consulting or enter the accountancy profession, where a good knowledge of Computing can be an advantage; others take up careers in corporate strategy and marketing or as business analysts in investment banks and stockbrokers. 

As a result of these links, it is quite common for students to be given firm job offers, long in advance of graduation, on the basis of an internship or industrial placement.

Alumnus career paths 

Read testimonials from our alumnus to find out the career paths they took after graduation. 



From Microsoft to Google:

You will have been exposed to a wide range of programming languages and programme paradigms and, more importantly, you will have the problem-solving skills to pick up any programming language or environment that you decide is best for the job. Many leading software giants hold recruitment events during the year at Imperial, and many also participate in our Industrial Placement scheme.


From MIT to Imperial:

The top 20% of our fourth-year Computing MEng degree and Joint Mathematics and Computer Science MSci degree are highly sought after by PhD supervisors from all over the world. These are ofter students who have been excited and motivated by research during their undergraduate degree by joining one of our research sections during their summer vacation under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme



From the BBC to Electronic Arts:

Computing students regularly go into media industries to design and build anything from the latest post-production broadcast-quality TV graphics systems to pre-rendered massive agent-based simulations for film CGI. The department of computing has a close relationship with many large and small UK games houses and post-production companies, through its annual Games and Media Event (GaME). 


From Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley:

Finance is a popular and lucrative employment destination for both Computer and Joint Mathematics and Computer students. Investment banks recruit for both financial software development and also for quantitative analysis and modelling. We currently have six major investment banks signed up to our Industrial Placement programme.