Which postgraduate studies should I apply for on the application form?

In your application, you may specify up to two postgraduate courses, for example, MSc Advanced Computing and MSc in Computing (Software Engineering). Although these choices are a useful indication for evaluating your application,  one purpose of the application process is to determine which  course really best suits your needs. These choices are therefore only indicative and non-binding; applicants can be accepted on a taught postgraduate course that they did not specify on their application form.

What academic entry requirements do I have to meet so that I can be considered for admission into any one of these MSc courses?

Applicants to our MSc Computing (Specialism) degrees must have taken computing courses that equate to two years of a computer science undergraduate programme. In addition, all applicants (UK, EU, Overseas) must provide Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

Applicants to our MSc in Artificial Intelligence must have taken a degree with a substantial amount of mathematics.

For more information, see the page for the specific MSc degree.

Do I need to provide a GRE score when I apply?

GRE scores on Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning are mandatory requirements for all MSc Computing (Specialism) degrees. Applicants for the MSc Computing Science and MSc Advanced Computing are welcome to submit GRE scores should they wish, but it is not mandatory for these degrees.

All MSc Computing Specialism applicants (UK, EU, Overseas) must provide Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. When sending scores to the Department of Computing, please submit through the GRE Online System using 3007 Imperial College as the Institution Code and 0402 Computer Science as the Department Code. While there is no minimum requirement for GRE scores, a strong application would include scores higher than 159 for Quantitative Reasoning and higher than 145 for Verbal Reasoning.

Only the first set of GRE scores received will be considered and we will not be able to assess an application until we have received the official online confirmation from ETS.


What fees do I have to pay for a specific MSc course?

Please consult the fees pages for our MSc courses, noting that this may show the fees from the past academic year and so fees may be higher than those shown.

Is there financial aid available to support my taught postgraduate studies?

Details of scholarships are available from the College website.

Which English Language Tests will be accepted for my application to a taught MSc course in the Department of Computing?

These matters are decided by college policy, not by our department. Please consult the page on English Requirements for Postgraduate Applicants for a list of tests that the college accepts.

I want my MSc Project to be determined or hosted by a company or external organization. Is this possible?

In principle, this is possible and even encouraged. However, there are some constraints and concerns that need to be addressed for such arrangements. Please refer to our guidelines on this issue.

I wonder whether you will take my 'A Level' results into account when assessing my application for a taught MSc course?

We look at 'A level' performance to give some indication of ability but we are particularly interested in your most recent studies. It is therefore advisable to include an up-to-date transcript with your application.