Grenoble The MEng Computing (International Programme of Study) allows you to develop your linguistic and technical skills through a programme of engineering study in the UK and abroad at a participating institution.

Because all our courses have a two-year common study period, you may transfer between courses, within the Computing Integrated Engineering Study Scheme, at any time within that period - all students will initially be registered on the MEng Computing course.

This means that you can change your mind about the year abroad until the beginning of your third year. 

Students following the MEng Computing (International Programme of Study) spend their entire fourth year abroad in a recognised institution of higher education (with which Imperial College has an exchange arrangement). Current participating Erasmus exchange institutions are: France - ENSIMAG (INP Grenoble); Germany - RWTH-Aachen; Switzerland - ETH Zurich. 

Besides this there is the possibility of an optional exchange with the USA - University of California where MEng students spend the first two terms of their third year abroad.


  • A good academic record
  • An acceptable knowledge of the language spoken at the host institution (your thesis will be written in English).

The one-year-abroad option is available only for the Computing course International Programme of Study (MEng)  and will take place in your 4th year, after your Industrial Placement. Moreover, all our  MEng  degree programmes include a compulsory 6 month (4 months for JMC) remunerated placement in industry that can be abroad.

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Maciej's experience

"I completed my year abroad at ETH Zürich in Switzerland (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich), which enjoys a very good reputation in continental Europe and worldwide. The high quality of the Swiss education system and academic research is well known and I had been reassured of it by experiences of my family and friends. Undergraduate degrees at ETH start with German as the language of instruction with courses in English becoming available in the second and third year. This is quite fortunate for Computing students from Imperial willing to exchange with this particular university because it takes place in the fourth and final year of the MEng programme.

At this point ETH offers a wide selection of postgraduate-level modules in English. Leaving Imperial for the final year also means that a visiting student has the unique opportunity to research, write and defend his Master's thesis while abroad. At many exchange destinations, like in Switzerland, the knowledge of the country's language can prove barely necessary for every day life. I strongly believe, however, that one should make every effort to explore the local culture and language is an invaluable tool for this purpose.

Moreover, you may be asked by your exchange coordinator to deliver a proof of linguistic efficiency in the form of a certificate or simply by completing one of the courses offered by the Imperial College language school. This is available free of charge as long as you choose it as your humanities elective. Depending on your future goals, choosing the right university abroad can significantly improve chances for a successful start into your career.

ETH Zürich serves as a good example here. Imperial's prestige, although globally appreciated, is easily paralleled by that of ETH in the German-speaking world and opens doors to many successful companies in that geographical area. Outside of university, just living abroad already provides a great learning experience. It raises awareness about other cultures and their attitude towards life and work. Being a foreigner allows you to not only discover the country, but also puts you in the very interesting company of other visitors just like you coming from all over the globe. To develop an understanding and appreciation towards their ideas, customs and social behaviors is equally important on the personal level as it is on the professional one as we now live and work in a globally interconnected world.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take the opportunity offered by the International Programme of Study. It may well take them out of their comfort zones, but there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Imperial's partner universities have high standards and surely very well prepared to receive international students. The popularity of the Erasmus framework makes the stay abroad most comfortable and enjoyable by solving the most frequent problems for you before you even arrive.

A whole year may sound like a lot of time at first but in reality it passes quicker than you would like. Even for the most seasoned tourists, living in a foreign country for an extended period of time will certainly be an eye-opening experience."