The research in the Department is organised into five sections, each reflecting common research interests.

Each section has a number of research groups that provide the infrastructure for targeted research and support for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

Research Themes

Image of robotic and human hand.

Logic and Artificial Intelligence

Logic and Artificial Intelligence research encompasses foundational studies in Logic and a variety of Artificial Intelligence disciplines.

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Image of a networking game

Distributed Software Engineering

Distributed Software Engineering research addresses the challenges of building dependable, adaptive and secure distributed systems.

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Hand image on computer screen

Visual Information Processing

Visual Information Processing research covers a range of topics including vision, graphics, intelligent behaviour understanding, and biomedical image computing.

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Research Themes

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Quantitative Analysis and Decision Science

Quantitative Analysis and Decision Science research ranges from optimisation, performance engineering and knowledge discovery to quantitative verification and security.

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Programming image

Programming Languages and Systems

Programming Languages and Systems is a section that address theoretical and practical challenges in languages and architectures to ensure fast, efficient and correct software and hardware

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