Provisional schedule

Day 1
Registration and Welcome  
09.15‑10.00 The Pathobiology of Asthma and experimental models  
10.00‑11.00 Invasive investigations   
11.00‑11.15 Break  
11.15‑12.00 Small Airway Function  
12.00‑13.00 Dirty air, dirty airways: developmental aspects of environmental pollution  
13.00‑13.45 Lunch break*  
13.45‑14.30 Diagnosis of asthma, including differential diagnoses  

Workshops -  ½ hr each

  1. Lung function, FENO, MBW
  2. Difficult cases
  3. Control of Breathing 
16.00‑16.15 Break  
16.15‑17.00 Presentation preparation time – short course in own group  
  *Please note that lunch is not provided.  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 2
Diagnosis of pre-school wheeze  
09.30‑10.00 Management of pre-school wheeze  
10.00‑10.45 Occupational lung diseases  
10.45‑11.00 Break  
11.00‑11.30 Management of problematic severe asthma  
11.30‑12.00 Non-Invasive measurements of airway inflammation and asthma phenotypes  
12.00‑12.30 New biologics for adult asthma: current approaches  
12.30‑13.30 Lunch break*  
13.30‑14.15 Immunotherapy for Asthma – Boom or Bust?  
14.15‑15.00 Airway microbiota in asthma:  Relationships with disease severity and phenotypes  
15.00‑16.00 Asthma from childhood to adolescence:  from endotype discovery to stratified treatment  
16.00‑17.00 Group presentations  
17.00‑17.15 Assignment briefing and closing remarks  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers