Provisional schedule

Day 1
Registration and Welcome  
09.00‑09.45 Update on epidemiology of allergic diseases in childhood  
09.45‑10.30 Is it Allergy?  
10.30‑11.00 Break  
11.00‑11.45 Allergen immunotherapy in paediatric practice  
11.45‑12.30 Challenges and controversies in anaphylaxis management  
12.30‑13.30 Lunch break*  
13.30‑14.15 Reactions to vaccines in childhood  
14.15‑15.00 The spectrum of allergic skin diseases in childhood  
15.00‑15.30 Break  
15.30‑16.15 Complex non-IgE-mediated food allergy – the role of a multidisciplinary team  
16.15‑17.00 Psychological impact of allergic diseases in children and their families:  how to address the problem  
17.00 VLE Induction and e-Learning Resources Overview for short course students  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 2
Difficult asthma – differential diagnosis and management  
09.45‑10.30 Adolescent transition  
10.30‑11.00 Break  
11.00‑11.05 Assignment Briefing  

Workshops (2 group rotations of 45 minutes):

  • Food challenges
  • Immunotherapy in practice
12.45‑13.45 Lunch break*  
13.45‑14.30 Practical Management of Drug Allergies  
14.30‑15.15 Diagnostic tests in paediatric allergy  
15.15‑15.30 Break  

Interactive session:  Complex allergy case studies

16.45‑17.00 Concluding Remarks  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers