Jocelyn Wong

Cohort year:

My project titles:
1) Validation of epigenetic biomarkers to classify BRCA1 genetic variants.
2) The role and regulation of Forkhead transcription factors in endocrine sensitivity and resistance in breast cancer.

Current role:
I am working as a Scientific Officer at the Institute of Cancer Research.

My main areas of interest:
Cancer Biology, Kinase dependency in cancer and drug resistance.

The most beneficial things about the programme:
Having world-class scientists as project supervisors and mentors really helped me in developing my own identity as a researcher. Organised seminars and lunchtime lectures were really helpful for keeping up to date with current research.

The things enjoyed the most about the programme/Imperial College London/London:
The intellectually stimulating discussions among my colleagues and also fun times with pizza and beer!

Since getting my Master’s, here are some of the things I’ve done:
Having my own research project at my current role and successfully contributed to several scientific publications.

Next steps:
I would like to pursue a PhD in biological research.