Electrical and Electronic Engineering Stores


Current COVID-19 Guidelines

The EEE Stores is a hub of central support activities as well as a ‘one-stop-shop’ where you can buy a range of products.

Location:  Level 1, passenger lift lobby, room 118

Opening Times: Monday - Friday, 0830 - 1700

                                                                     Telephone: 46162/40978.  Email: Stores Manager Hisham Maarki.

We provide a range of services for our staff and students, including:

  • First point of contact for despatching, receiving, and collecting goods and deliveries
  • Parking requests 
  • Ordering supplies for staff and students
  • Reprographics printing
  • Asset registration for all high-value items delivered to the department
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) of all electrical goods delivered to the department
  • Organising and booking of DHL consignments
  • Equipment Loans (laptops, evaluation boards, AV equipment, extension leads and other equipment - please ask)
  • Maintaining our on-line stores catalogue
  • Security key management  

Current COVID-19 Information

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Stores

Ordering Information

Stores Ordering Services

EEE Stores assists in the procurement of goods and services required by undergraduates for their student projects. We order, receive and dispense components for all undergraduate projects order(first, second, third and final year projects), as well as MSc projects. Additionally, EEE Stores offers an online catalogue, so students can order and collect on the same day.  If you cannot find the item on the Stores catalogue, then it is not available from EEE Stores.

Note: If you are ordering components for your 3rd or 4th year project, or MSc project, please don’t forget to submit your home address and your contact telephone number along with your order, if you haven’t done so previously.  Please adhere to the FYP & MSc project ordering  procedure when ordering. 

If you have been approved to fund your purchase yourself, you can claim the costs back using the  Student Project expenses claim form.

How to order from the EEE stores

All orders should be placed using the online ordering form.

  • Prior to placing your order with Stores, you are advised to contact your course/project supervisor to ensure that sufficient funds are available.
  • Please provide all relevant details (unit price, Item description, quantity and pack size) when ordering from any supplier.
  • Some of the suppliers charge for delivery. Please include the delivery charge in your order by adding a separate line item.
  • After completing the order form, click "submit."  
  • Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation from Stores. If an e-mail confirmation is not received within 24 hours, please contact us.
  • When your order arrives and is ready for collection, you will be notified by email.

More detailed information on ordering can be found by clicking on this link: Stores ordering procedure

Please note that EEE Stores is unable to order from eBay, Amazon, or similar market-place web sites.

EEE Stores holds a range of stock items that can be purchased over the counter with cash, however, orders from external suppliers cannot be purchased from Stores with cash.

Preferred suppliers


About Reprographics

The EEE department has its own reprographics facility that provides a range of printing, copying and finishing work for staff and students. We offer the following print services:repro

  • Black & White print
  • Colour print
  • Binding
  • Photocopying
  • Booklets
  • Scanning
  • Laminating

Of course, you are welcome to use the reprographics equipment yourself.

All print requests should be submitted in PDF file format, using the reprographics request form.  Our print system does not currently support Microsoft Office documents, so please 'save as' PDF before uploading.

Using this form ensures that the jobs can be charged correctly and quickly.

Turnaround Times:

We aim to turn around all print/copy requests in 24 hours and they are often processed and completed the same day as submission.  Please do check with us when you have a print request as even at peak periods, we do our very best to turn around requests within 24 or 48 hours and will always try and accommodate urgent requests by prioritising workloads We kindly ask that requests are submitted as far in advance as possible to allow us time to complete the job.

 For complex photocopy jobs, including those with covers and multiple sections, or large amounts of binding (> 50 booklets), please request a quote for turnaround times from the Stores Manager, allowing at least 2 weeks before the job is required.  Please be aware that our busiest periods are usually in September, October and January.

Completed print requests can be delivered directly to your office, or lecture room,  after printing. Delivery times are from 09.00 am to 17.00 Monday to Friday. If you need to collect the printing yourself, or require EE Stores to hold on to your printing, then please contact the Stores and we will be happy to work to your requirements.  At peak times we may not be able to deliver, we will let you know that the job is complete by e-mail so that you can collect in person or send someone else to collect it. 

Fault reporting:
All faults with photocopiers on the college Safecom facility should be reported to the Stores Manager on ext. 46162. 

We wish to continually improve our services. Customers are welcome to leave us feedback and comments with the Stores Manager.



Please bring your College ID card when collecting parcels from us.
The barcode and RFID chip on your ID card are unique, and is a more secure way of "signing off" deliveriespackages than barely legible signatures and, obviously, speeds up the procedure significantly.

Personal deliveries are not allowed to stores.  Stores can only accept deliveries and packages related to College business.  All deliveries for a personal nature must be directed to one of other delivery hubs nearby such as the Amazon lockers on Campus.

Due to limited space the maximum accepted parcel size is 60cm x 60cm x 60cm (call the Stores Manager to arrange for larger parcels) and parcels should only be ones related to college business. Bulky or unwieldy package will not be accepted unless by prior arrangement.

We process hundreds of packages for all department members and, during periods of heightened activity, there are inevitable delays as we clear the backlog.  We appreciate your patience at busy times.

If you are tracking a parcel via a courier's website, please allow for processing time.  Your parcel may have been signed for, but will possibly be a part of a much larger consignment, each package will need to be processed individually.  We will email all recipients as packages become available for collection.

"Please do not come to the stores to collect a package that has been flagged as delivered on a couriers tracking service. The package may have been signed for at a different location within the College. Please wait until you have recieved an email from us stating that the package is ready to be collected."

Always ensure that you give senders the correct delivery address, which is:

Level 1 Stores
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
South Kensington Campus

Asset tagging

The Stores is responsible for updating the departmental asset register, in accordance with College Financial Regulation 12.7, which states:

"12.7 Wherever practicable, attractive and/or portable items of equipment should be permanently marked to identify them as University property."

Any items that have been bought on a College purchase order will have, upon receipt,  an asset label attached in an inobtrusive  position (as space permits), yet in plain sight, then entered into an internal database.
Items that require PAT testing are also entered into a database. These items will not be made available for collection until all testing and logging is complete and the necessary databases have been updated.

The full version of the College Financial Regulations.

DHL Collections


DHL Collections

DHL van DHL is a College preferred provider.

DHL currently need a 2-hour window in which collections can be made. This means that consignments must be left with the Stores no later than 2:30pm to guarantee same day collection.

All consignments must be accompanied by relevant paperwork, which must be countersigned by a research group adminstrator, as well as a purchase order number.  This order should be raised by the administrator against the relevant GL code. Download our Courier Request form, complete it, and bring it with the consignment.

All consignments to China, Iran and North Korea require addtional special booking procedures. We therefore ask that extra time be allowed to complete these procedures.

We are able to make third party collections any where in the world, for delivery to the College. Please contact us for details. Import VAT, HM Customs charges and courier brokerage charges will be applied where appropriate, these charges will be passed on to the account provided.

All DHL consignments can be tracked at: www.dhl.com



Car ParkA limited number of pre-bookable parking spaces are available for staff and visitors.  Ongoing improvements and College events severely limit the availability of these spaces and they are highly sought after.  It is recommended that you request your space at least 7 days in advance.

  • The Stores is the only authorised requestor for parking spaces within the department.
  • To book a visitors parking space, email a member of Stores' staff, subject 'Car Parking Request' with desired dates, time and vehicle registration and your reason for requesting the space. We will request the space on your behalf and notify you of the outcome, by email, as soon as a reply is received. Spaces are subject to availability and not guaranteed.

  • Staff are permitted to request spaces when using their cars for College business. Security require a brief reason why the space is being requested.
  • Staff are restricted to requesting spaces for three days in any calendar month. Subsequent requests will be referred to the Department Operations Manager for approval.
  • Free parking for members of staff is available between 18:00 - 23:59 Monday - Friday and weekends on production of a vaild College ID card. Overnight parking is not permitted, a charge will be levied before if you leave the premises later than midnight.

Students are not normally permitted to park on College premises however exceptional requests will be considered.

Equipment Loan Scheme

We have recently introduced a laptop loan service for students to use for coursework and practical exercises.  Before drawing equipment, students must download the Equipment Loan LaptopEquipment agreement and complete it before coming to the stores to borrow the equipment.  The following rules apply and will be strictly adhered to:

  • All machines are on loan for a 3.5 hour session only: 9:00-1230 and 13:00-16:30, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The machines will be kept in the EE stores, its opening hours dictating when they are available for loan.
  • All machines will be fully charged overnight and contents erased.
  • Borrowers will exchange their College ID as security, which is returned once the machine is returned to the stores.
  • If all machines have been issued, students will be placed on a waiting list, again,on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A student may only have consecutive loan periods if ther are no other students on the waiting list.
  • Machines are NOT available for an overnight loan.  Workstations are not permitted to be removed from the Department.
  • A late return will incur a penalty, in the form of NOT being allowed to borrow a machine within a certain period of time (to be decided).
  • As mentioned above, every student MUST sign an undertaking (link in sidebar) to accept responsibility for any machine they have borrowed.  
  • The cost of any loss or damages will be met by the borrower.