Application Acceleration Group

The acceleration of applications in diverse fields such as finance, bioinformatics and data analytics using heterogeneous computing technologies is an active area of research. A related topic of interest is the engineering meta-process of how applications are accelerated and the tools used to do so.

Control and Cyber Physical Systems Group

Advanced and complex control systems deliver large productivity and efficiency benefits to many industrial applications. This group of researchers is exploring how these control systems can be made fast and power-efficient enough to transfer to other domains, such as aerospace.

Memory and Codesign Group

This group of researchers is interested in how we can automatically generate digital systems from high-level languages. This involves finding and exposing parallelism, constructing memory subsystems and composing datapaths.

Reliable Embedded Systems Group

This subgroup explores the implications of scaling and power efficiency on electronic systems. How can we make systems adapt to worsening manufacturing and environmental variations? How can we deliver relaibility-efficiency trade-offs that are tuned to the needs of each application?