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Title: Integration of Distributed Energy Resources via the Low Carbon Energy Platform

Speaker: Dr. Ali R. Ahmadi, UK Power Networks

Venue: MS Teams (Online)

Date and Time: Thursday 01 October 2020, 14:00-15:00

Abstract: UK Power Networks has launched a major flexible distributed generation rollout program across all licence areas and voltage levels with a centralized and advanced Active Network Management solution. The focus to the rollout has been on four key areas: 1) Change in connection process which led to a faster turnaround time and lower cost for customers, 2) Deployment of an advanced software platform which enhances system performance and reduces curtailment levels, 3) Enhancement of network data and real time data, 4) Readiness for business adoption and for transitioning to Distribution System Operator.

This presentation demonstrates the low carbon platform UK Power Networks is designing to facilitate the Distributed Energy Resources integration and the flexible connection/services offering.

Biography: Dr Ali R. Ahmadi is the Senior Power System Development Engineer at UK Power Networks’ Smart Grid Development Team, in the Asset Management Directorate. He is the Senior Power System Engineer on the Active Network Management (ANM) project enhancing customer connections with Flexible DER and Flexibility schemes. He leads the company’s stream of activities in Advanced Network Modelling, Distribution Management System (DMS) State Estimation, DMS Loadflow, ANM /DMS Contingency Analysis and Optimisation. He holds a PhD from Imperial College London in the field of Active Network Management Systems. He also holds a BEng (Hons) degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University College London. He has also worked at National Grid’s Electricity National Control Centre and is experienced with Whole System Operation. Dr. Ahmadi’s engineering career has spanned a wide breadth of smart grid themes. He has got extensive experience in design, development and operation of end-to-end control systems for transmission and distribution networks.

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