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  • Conference paper
    Mohan M, Busquets D, Mántaras RLD, Sierra Cet al., 2004,

    Integrating a Potential Field Based Pilot into a Multiagent Navigation Architecture for Autonomous Robots.

    , Publisher: INSTICC Press, Pages: 287-290
  • Journal article
    Usaha W, Barria J, 2004,

    A reinforcement learning ticket-based probing path discovery scheme for MANETs

    , Ad Hoc Networks, Vol: 2, Pages: 319-334, ISSN: 1570-8705
  • Journal article
    Busquets D, Sierra C, De Mantaras RL, 2003,

    A multiagent approach to qualitative landmark-based navigation

    , AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS, Vol: 15, Pages: 129-154, ISSN: 0929-5593
  • Conference paper
    Asprey S, Rustem B, Zakovic S, 2003,

    A parallel algorithm for global optimisation and semi-infinite programming

    , 17th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Publisher: CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP, Pages: 93-97
  • Conference paper
    Harrison PG, 2003,

    Stochastic Process Algebra, reversed processes and product-forms

    , Boca Raton, 17th international symposium on computer and information sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, 2002, Publisher: CRC Press Inc, Pages: 12-17
  • Conference paper
    Harrison P, Thornley D, Zatschler H, 2003,

    Geometrically batched networks

    , Boca Raton, 17th international symposium on computer and information sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, 2002, Publisher: Crc Press Inc, Pages: 108-112
  • Conference paper
    Saivichit C, Barria JA, Turner LF, 2003,

    Topological clusterisation for fault management in large telecommunication networks

    , New York, 9th Asia Pacific conference on communications held in conjunction with the 6th Malaysia international conference on communications (MICC 2003), Penang, Malaysia, 21 - 24 September 2003, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 1047-1051
  • Journal article
    Usaha W, Barria J, 2002,

    Markov decision theory framework for resource allocation in LEO satellite constellations

    , IEE PROCEEDINGS-COMMUNICATIONS, Vol: 149, Pages: 270-276, ISSN: 1350-2425
  • Journal article
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2002,

    Utility-based scheduling disciplines for adaptive applications over the Internet

    , IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, Vol: 6, Pages: 217-219, ISSN: 1089-7798
  • Journal article
    Aswakul C, Barria JA, 2002,

    Analysis of dynamic service separation with trunk reservation policy

    , IEE PROCEEDINGS-COMMUNICATIONS, Vol: 149, Pages: 23-28, ISSN: 1350-2425
  • Conference paper
    Busquets D, de Mantaras RL, Sierra C, Dietterich TGet al., 2002,

    A multi-agent architecture integrating learning and fuzzy techniques for landmark-based robot navigation

    , 5th Catalonian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Publisher: SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, Pages: 269-281, ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Conference paper
    Dietterich TG, Busquets D, Mántaras RLD, Sierra Cet al., 2002,

    Action Refinement in Reinforcement Learning by Probability Smoothing.

    , Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, Pages: 107-114
  • Journal article
    Barria JA, Hall SG, 2002,

    A non-parametric approach to pricing and hedging derivative securities: with an application to LIFFE data

    , Computational Economics, Vol: 19, Pages: 303-322, ISSN: 0927-7099
  • Conference paper
    Busquets D, de Màntaras RL, Sierra C, 2002,

    Reinforcement learning for landmark-based robot navigation

    , the first international joint conference, Publisher: ACM Press
  • Conference paper
    Alarcon-Aquino V, Barria J, 2002,

    Multi-sensor fusion system using wavelet based detection algorithm applied to network monitoring

    , Proceedings of London communications symposium, Pages: 361-364
  • Conference paper
    Saivichit C, Barria JA, Turner LF, 2002,

    Hybrid network restoration algorithm with pre-failure topological arrangement

    , International symposium on communications and information technology (2002), Pages: 1-4
  • Journal article
    Alarcon-Aquino V, Barria JA, 2001,

    Anomaly Detection of communication networks using Wavelets

    , IEE Proc. Communications, Vol: 148, Pages: 355-362, ISSN: 1350-2425
  • Conference paper
    Aswakul C, Barria J, 2001,

    Performance analysis of ATM routing with nonlinear equivalent capacity: symmetric case

    , New York, 10th international conference on computer communications and networks, Scottsdale, Arizona, 15 - 17 October 2001, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 144-150
  • Book chapter
    Patel A, Barria J, Pitt J, 2001,

    IN load control algorithms for market-based multi-agent systems

    , Agent technology for Communications Infrastructure, Editors: Hayzelden, Bourne, Hayzelden, Bourne, London, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Pages: 249-265, ISBN: 9780471498155
  • Conference paper
    Sierra C, de López Màntaras R, Busquets D, 2001,

    Multiagent Bidding Mechanisms for Robot Qualitative Navigation

    , Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Pages: 198-212, ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Conference paper
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2001,

    Measurement-based scheduling disciplines for relative service differentiation

    , Proceedings IEE/IEEE 8th international conference on telecommunications, ICT'01, Bucharest - Hungary, Pages: 1-6
  • Conference paper
    Prouskas K, Patel A, Pitt J, Barria Jet al., 2000,

    A multi-agent system for Intelligent Network load control using a market-based approach

    , 4th International Conference on MultiAgent Systems, Publisher: IEEE COMPUTER SOC, Pages: 231-238
  • Journal article
    Aswakul C, Barria J, 2000,

    Performance Analysis of Single-link System with Non-linear Equivalent Capacity

    , IEEE Communications Letters
  • Journal article
    Soong BH, Barria JA, 2000,

    A Coxian Model for Channel Holding Time Distribution for Teletraffic Mobility Modelling

    , IEEE Communications Letters, Vol: 4, Pages: 402-404, ISSN: 1089-7798
  • Journal article
    Ang EJ, Barria J, 2000,

    The Markov Modulated Regulated Brownian Motion: a second-order fluid flow model of a finite buffer

    , Queueing Systems
  • Conference paper
    Prouskas K, Patel A, Pitt JV, Barria Jet al., 2000,

    A (FIPA-compliant) Multi-Agent System for Intelligent Network Load Control Using a Market-based Approach

    , ICMAS'2000
  • Conference paper
    Patel A, Prouskas K, Barria J, Pitt JVet al., 2000,

    IN Load Control using a Competitive Market-based Multi-Agent System

    , IS&N 2000
  • Journal article
    Patel A, Prouskas K, Barria J, Pitt JVet al., 2000,

    A Computational Economy for IN Load control using a Multi-Agent System

    , Journal of Network and Systems Management, Vol: 8, Pages: 397-417
  • Journal article
    Giortzis AI, Turner LF, Barria J, 2000,

    A Decomposition Technique for Fixed Channel Assignment Problems in Mobile Radio Networks

    , IEE Proc.Communications, Vol: 147, Pages: 187-194, ISSN: 1350-2425
  • Conference paper
    Patel A, Barria J, Pitt JV, 1999,

    IN Load Control Algorithms for Market-based Multi-Agent Systems

    , IMPACT99, 2-3 December 1999, Seattle, Wa

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